Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Holiday Rib Cook / Weber Performer / Slow 'N Sear

I did this cook for my youngest Daughter and SIL who were in from North Carolina for the Christmas Holiday. She always wants my ribs and rolls.

 photo DSC03905.jpg

Ok, I started with some Rick Salmon’s BBQ Pit Beans which features about a pound and a half of pulled and chopped pork for this smaller pan of beans. This picture shows the beans before I put the sugar on top. 

 photo DSC03907.jpg

This was the total cook which included 3 slabs of loin backs, some big baker potatoes, and the Pit Beans. My rolls will be done in the kitchen oven. 

 photo DSC03908.jpg

I fired off about 12-14 good Wicked Good hardwood briquets in the corner of the Slow ‘N Sear and when they were ready, I poured in another full Weber chimney of the Wicked Good briquets into the device and then set up my cook. I placed my beans in the “basement” or on the charcoal grate as I wanted my rib drippings to go into them for that additional flavor. 

 photo DSC03909.jpg

Next step was to use a Weber Rib Rack for my three slabs of loin back ribs right over the top of my Pit Beans. I then added some hickory chunks for my smoke wood and I was on my way.

 photo DSC03910.jpg

Got an early start on this colder 17-18 degree overcast day but at least it should be dry for my cook. 

 photo DSC03911.jpg

I did spin the ribs around later into the cook to be sure I had even cooking. 

 photo DSC03912.jpg

Later into the cook when my ribs looked right, I wrapped them with some goodies and placed them back on the cooker. Also added some peanut oiled and SGH rubbed baking potatoes. 

I also glazed my ribs with a mix of some Blue’s Hog and other products later into the cook and just before they were ready to come off of the cooker. 

 photo DSC03915.jpg

These Pit Beans were the last thing off of my Performer. 

The cook took a little over 4-1/2 hours at a temp range of about 275 - 300 degrees. 

 photo DSC03919.jpg

Ribs cooling down some for slicing. 

 photo DSC03920.jpg

My cloverleaf yeast rolls ready for the oven.

 photo DSC03921.jpg

This several year winning Indiana State Fair recipe is the best I have ever tasted. I couldn’t help myself and ate one right out of the oven with some clover honey. 

 photo DSC03922.jpg

 photo DSC03923.jpg

Sure made a nice holiday meal for part of my family.

Insanely Hot Jerk Chicken / Cobb Grill

Every once in a while, this old “Chilihead” gets a yearning for some insanely hot food and this is the results of one of these cooks. 

 photo DSC03892.jpg

I started by making a Jamaican type of marinade and used two tablespoons of a very hot jerk spice blend and then I added four habaneros to this mix. That along with several other ingredients went into a blender and then into my one gallon bag with my six pieces of chicken. Placed the bag into the fridge for an overnight stay. 

Now, any fool should know that this should be hot enough but not me, I figured I also needed a hot jerk glaze to go with this treat. 

For my glaze, I used another TBL of the jerk blend, five habaneros, half a cup of hot ketchup, and several other goodies. I just pulsed this in the blender a little as I wanted it kinda chunky. 

 photo DSC03894.jpg

This morning, I placed my marinated chicken on my grill grate and carried it out and placed it on my hot Cobb grill. 

 photo DSC03895.jpg

Cool morning with the temperature at about freezing. I used some hickory chips as I wanted heavy smoke with this short cook. 

 photo DSC03896.jpg

Chicken on the first turn and without my hot glaze.

 photo DSC03898.jpg

This is the chicken just about done and with three rounds of my hot glaze at this time into my cook. 

 photo DSC03899.jpg

Just off of the cooker.

 photo DSC03900.jpg

 photo DSC03901.jpg

My plate with one jerk chicken leg on a bed or red beans and rice, some pasta salad, some veggies, and my smoked and spiral cut pineapple with a dip of ice cream and some berry surple. 

About half way thru this chicken leg and meal and with my face flushed, sweat all over my face and running down my back, heart pounding, and tears in my eyes, I had to call this punishment off! I was whipped but oh my, it was wonderful. (Only another Chilihead would understand). 

The only downside will come in the morning...

p.s.  I did finish that chicken leg later in the evening.

Rotisserie Roasted Spiral Cut Pineapple / Cobb Rotisserie

This is a nice little dessert that comes out well  if done on a rotisserie. Very easy to do and is a very tasty dessert treat. This cook was done on my Cobb grill.

 photo DSC03881.jpg

This is my trimmed up and rotisserie mounted pineapple.

 photo DSC03883.jpg

Made up a sauce or glaze with about one cup of “Sugar in the Raw”,  a stick of butter, 2 TBL cocoa powder, and a little squirt of pineapple juice. I applied the first coat of sauce even before I carried it out and placed it on the grill.

 photo DSC03884.jpg

The pineapple was glazed a couple of more times and then I pulled it off of the cooker.

 photo DSC03886.jpg 

Let it cool down a little before slicing.

 photo DSC03888.jpg

 photo DSC03889.jpg

I added a dip of ice cream and some chocolate syrup and had a wonderful treat.

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Meal / Cobb Rotisserie

With just the two of us for Thanksgiving this year, and a freezer full of cooked turkey, we decided to do something a little different this year for our holiday meal. 

 photo DSC03869.jpg

tarted with the dessert and made up a dish of the four ingredient peach cobbler made with Crescent Roll Dough and stuck it in the oven.

 photo DSC03870.jpg

This is a 3-3/4 pound Prime Rib, or standing rib roast, or maybe a bone in ribeye roast, or whatever you call it. Anyway, It was a little too long to fit in my Cobb rotisserie so I sawed off about 2 inches of bone and fat from the small end of the roast so it would fit. I rubbed it with some Oakridge Santa Maria rub and it was ready to be carried out and placed on my warming up Cobb Grill. 

 photo DSC03871.jpg

Was a cool morning at 47 degrees and some misting rain for my cook.

 photo DSC03872.jpg

Just about done on the grill. I also had placed my potatoes for the meal on the grate under the rotisserie at the start of the cook. 

 photo DSC03875.jpg

Just off of the Cobb and resting on the counter. I pulled the meat at 120 degrees internal and the total time for the cook was one hour even. 

 photo DSC03876.jpg

 photo DSC03878.jpg

I cut the bones out of my roast and then sliced it in half for serving.

 photo DSC03879.jpg

For serving, I added the baked potato with some butter and sour cream, some green beans seasoned with some two year old country ham, cranberries, a yeast roll, and a serving of the peach cobbler along with a dip of ice cream. 

 photo DSC03880.jpg

Sure was a wonderful non-traditional meal.

Bloomin' Block of Spam / Weber Kettle

This recipe is from the Wolfe Pit. 

After cutting the block of Spam so it would bloom, I sprinkled on a generous amount of SGH rub and then added a breading of corn starch to make it crispy. Placed it on the grill along with some breaded hot wings and got the temp dialed in at about 325 degrees and cooked it all up.

 photo DSC03851.jpg

Hot wings came off first.

 photo DSC03855.jpg

Made up a dipping sauce of some Sriracha and mayo and this stuff is great. 

 photo DSC03857.jpg

I'll sure do this one again.

Filet Mignon on the Cobb Grill

I finally got around to cooking up a couple of the steaks I trimmed out and froze for the freezer about a week ago. 

 photo DSC03841.jpg

To prep, I wrapped each steak with two pieces of pre-cooked bacon and then added a good steak rub about 45 minutes before the fire and left them on the counter top to warm up. 

 photo DSC03843.jpg

Brought the grill up to about 620 degrees measured on the Grill Grates and cooked the two steaks. They were on the cooker for 10 minutes. 

 photo DSC03845.jpg

 photo DSC03846.jpg

I plated the steak with a baked potato, tomato and cottage cheese salad, a cornbread muffin, and some mushroom sauce. 

 photo DSC03848.jpg

 photo DSC03849.jpg

Really made a nice meal.

Whole Beef Tenderloin / Steak Filets / Filet Mignon

One of the several items we try to keep in the freezer at all times are the Whole Beef Tenderloin Steak Filets and the Whole Ribeye Loin Steaks. Have been out of the tenderloin for a few months waiting for it to come on sale and it finally did this week. Kroger normally sells it for about $13.99 or $14.99 a pound which is kind pricy to me but they have it on sale this week for $8.99 a pound for choice meat. 

 photo DSC03832.jpg

I purchased two of them for $173.03 which was a savings of about $70 bucks over the standard price. These two whole tenderloins were a little large and weighed a total of 17.32 pounds but they should make for some fine eating. 

 photo DSC03833.jpg

I trim them by cutting off the chain and the head and then cutting most of the hard fat off the bottom of the loins. I then remove all the silver-skin and they are ready to be cut into steaks. Every excess item I remove off of these whole loins except the silver-skin will be used in my white burger. Talk about some good burger!!

 photo DSC03834.jpg

 photo DSC03836.jpg

 photo DSC03835.jpg

 photo DSC03837.jpg

We like our tenderloin filets cut about 2-1/2” thick which will make about a 5-6 oz steak but I cut these two about 1-1/2” to 2” wide as they were pretty large. The results were steaks that weighed from a low of about 4 oz to a high of about 7.5 oz. 

 photo DSC03838.jpg

I packaged them for the freezer with one large and one small steak per package. We got a total of 32 steaks out of these two whole tenderloins. The cost per steak worked out to about $5.40 each. 

 photo DSC03839.jpg

This is my bonus tenderloin trimmings which will be used for my white burger just as soon as I can find some choice chuck roasts on sale. With some other nice beef fat I have in the freezer, I have enough to make up about 25 pounds of my 60/40 white burger. 

Gonna eat good this Winter...