Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Weber Original Charcoal Pizza Oven # 6520

This original Weber product was introduced to the public in Europe in late 2013 and for some reason, Weber has no intentions of releasing it in the US as far as I know at the present time. I know of many people that have been asking for this accessory but it doesn’t look like it will happen. 

When it was introduced, there were a couple of Weber sites in the UK that would sell and ship this unit to the US but both of them no longer do this, The last one I heard about came from Germany thru the Germany Amazon site and was quite expensive. It is a real shame as it is one nice product and will make some great pizzas. 

 photo IMG_1097.jpg

The two pieces in front of the oven are the protectors for the plastic handles on the Weber kettle. Keeps them from melting in this high temp pizza oven.

 photo IMG_1098.jpg

The hearth stone in this oven is about 15-1/2” in diameter so it can bake a nice sized pizza and in a very short time. Operators manual shows a low of about 6 minutes to a high of about 10 minutes per pie. 

 photo IMG_1100.jpg

This was a two pizza bake with one Pizza Margherita type of pizza and one kinda loaded up pizza with some of the same ingredients.

 photo IMG_1102.jpg

The manual calls for a full Weber charcoal chimney full of hot ashed over charcoal briquets and then about 30 more cold briquets on top of this for about 10 pizzas or one hour of baking. (Now, old tightwad Dave only had two pizzas to bake so he didn’t add the 30 cold briquets to the top of the fire and the oven didn’t get as hot as I wanted on this bake). High was about 575 degrees on the hearth and I wanted about 700 degrees for my high temp pizzas. Still made a couple of nice pizzas at this lower temp. 

 photo IMG_1103.jpg

My fire just before I added the Pizza Oven.

 photo IMG_1105.jpg

I let the pizza oven warm up for about 15 minutes. 

 photo IMG_1106.jpg

Temperature got up to about 540 degrees and I loaded the first pizza. 

 photo IMG_1107.jpg

This one baked about 10 minutes and came out nice. 

 photo IMG_1108.jpg

The second one took a little less time at about 9 minutes. 

Both pizzas were turned about 180 degrees at about the halfway mark into the bake or after about 5 minutes on the cooker. 

I think if I would have used enough charcoal, they should have taken about 5-6 minutes each. 

 photo IMG_1109.jpg

 photo IMG_1110.jpg

 photo IMG_1111.jpg

I thought they looked pretty good for my first attempt with this accessory. 

 photo IMG_1112.jpg

 photo IMG_1113.jpg

Made a nice lunch.

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