Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Cooks Char-Broil 500X

I have done a couple of more cooks in the CB 500X and have got some good results.

This first one is pork steaks and I had five of them and used a hot and spicy rub on three of them and Mommy wanted hers with just salt and pepper so I fixed her up as well.

I set the cooker up for indirect and placed my three steaks on the left side on the bottom and then added a cooling rack and placed the wifes two steaks right on top of the rack.

Wife didn’t want hers sauced so this worked out well and her two steaks got done first. I then slopped on some sauce and finished up my three steaks.

Added a little fruit, some salad stuff, and some string beans and had a great low carb meal of about 6-7 total carbs.

I had a slab of loin back ribs and since they wouldn’t fit on the cooker without either rolling them up or cutting them up......I decided to cut them into two pieces.

The cooker was again setup for an indirect cook with a drip pan and I used a Weber rib rack to hold the ribs. As you can probably see, I have room for about two slabs of loin or baby back ribs.

I smoked the ribs for about two hours and then wrapped them in foil for the braising period. They had to come out of the rib rack to braise. Let them braise two more hours and sauced them and they came out perfect.

Sure love ribs!

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  1. Looks like the CharBroil is getting a workout!