Friday, November 17, 2017

Strawberry Cake on the Cobb Supreme Grill

This cake was baked for a contest in Australia.

 photo IMG_1075.jpg

I did this bake on my Cobb Supreme grill using 14 all hardwood briquets. 

 photo IMG_1068.jpg

I started with a simple box of yellow cake mix and split it between two 7” cake pans. 

 photo IMG_1071.jpg

Took about 27 minutes to get them done.

 photo IMG_1072.jpg

Bottom layer of my cake before I added the top layer. 

First slice out of my cake.

 photo IMG_1079.jpg

It makes a nice attractive and simple dessert for any grill. 

First Pizza on the Cobb Supreme

Still learning how to cook on this new Cobb Supreme grill and this is my latest try in baking pizza on the cooker. 

 photo IMG_1060.jpg

 photo IMG_1062.jpg

This was a two pizza bake on my new Cobb Supreme and it sure came out well. This first pizza was baked on a 12" in diameter Pizza stone which is the largest hearth stone that will fit in the cooker. My planned second pizza will be on the very high quality Cobb Pizza Stone which I will change over after this first bake. This second Cobb Pizza Stone measures 10-1/2” in diameter and was designed for the smaller Cobb Premier cooker. 

This is my first bake on this cooker and I really loaded up the goodies on this first pizza. This pizza took 27 minutes to get done and this cooker is just a dream to bake on as compared to my Premier in my opinion. Very easy to get to the higher temperatures that I like for some real hearth baking.

 photo IMG_1050.jpg

I used some homemade dough that I had made and placed in the freezer about 2 months ago and after I formed it up, I added the pizza sauce and then some hot and spicy sausage.

 photo IMG_1051.jpg

Next up was some onions, bell peppers, and some mushrooms.

 photo IMG_1052.jpg

Added plenty of mozzarella cheese and then some pepperoni and my pie was ready to go on the fire.

 photo IMG_1053.jpg

For this two pizza bake on the Supreme, I used about 23 all hardwood briquets and fired them up in the cooker.

 photo IMG_1057.jpg

This is the first pizza done on the Cobb Supreme. It was about a 13" pizza on my 12" hearth stone so it was kinda hanging off one side of the stone but still did bake up great.

 photo IMG_1065.jpg

Another nice pizza just like the first one only slightly smaller.

 photo IMG_1063.jpg

Pizza done on the smaller Cobb Pizza Stone and ready to come off of the cooker. It as well was really loaded up and that is the way I like most of my pizzas. 

This slightly larger Cobb Supreme Grill does seem to bake quite well as shown on my first try. 

Lasagna on the Cobb Supreme

I tried some more baking on my new Cobb Supreme and it came out quite well. 

 photo IMG_1031.jpg

I added a couple slices of tomatoes and a slice of garlic bread and it made a fine meal.

 photo IMG_1033.jpg

Lasagna is one of my favorite meals.

 photo IMG_1023.jpg

I used about a 1-1/4 pound of my homemade Italian sausage, some burger, onions, garlic, sauce, spices. and a little water. The cheese mix was ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, and eggs. I used the oven ready lasagna noodles. Added some pepperoni to the top of my treat.

 photo IMG_1024.jpg

Ready to go on the cooker.

 photo IMG_1026.jpg

Got my bake started very early this morning to beat the rain.

 photo IMG_1029.jpg

My Supreme always seems to run a little hotter than my Premier so for most cooks, I close off some of the exhaust vents to control the temperature. I wanted to run about 350F degrees measured on the cooking or baking surface so I closed of half or 4 of the vent holes.

 photo IMG_1027.jpg

A 9X13 baking pan just fits the cooker and this picture shows the lasagna done at 170F degrees internal. I used 14 all hardwood briquets and the bake took one hour.

 photo IMG_1030.jpg

Cooling down for serving.

I think that this larger Cobb Supreme does bake a little better than the standard Cobb grill. I will try a pizza next to see just how well it does at a higher baking temperature. 

Ground Sirloin Jerky on the Green Mountain Daniel Boone

I did this jerky cook early yesterday morning and it came out quite well. It was also my first try making jerky out of ground meat. 

 photo IMG_1091.jpg

I did 5 pounds of the ground sirloin (90%) lean for this batch. It took 3-2/3rd trays on the BR6 Ultimate Six Rack setup from Earthworks.

I had 3 trays of the standard mix and cure that came with the LEM Jerky Cannon and one tray of which I added a big sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

 photo IMG_1088.jpg

I turned and rotated the trays every hour and the total cooking time was 3 hr and 45 minutes.

 photo IMG_1083.jpg

My LEM Jerky Cannon worked great for this treat and made quick work out of 5 pounds of ground sirloin. 

 photo IMG_1084.jpg

Ready to be carried out and placed on my Green Mountain Daniel Boone cooker. I ran the cooker at 170 degrees through out the whole cook.

 photo IMG_1086.jpg

About done on cooker.

 photo IMG_1089.jpg

Jerky done and cooling on the counter top. 

 photo IMG_1090.jpg

The wife liked this batch and I think it is pretty good but I think it could be improved with more spice and heat. 

Next batch will be made out of sliced top round.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Surf & Turf on the Cobb Premier Grill

I did this cook yesterday morning in my little Cobb Premier Grill and it came out quite well. 

 photo IMG_1042.jpg

My lobster sauce was some butter, garlic, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. Also added a piece of garlic bread to my meal.

 photo IMG_1035.jpg

Steak was trimmed, oiled, and then rubbed with a good steak rub. I prepped my lobster tail and then I oiled it with olive oil and then I added a light sprinkle of rub to the meat.

 photo IMG_1036.jpg

Those Grill Grates sure do a fine job with steaks and chops. This steak was cooked in 8 minutes with a grid temp of about 625 degrees. I used 20 all hardwood charcoal briquets in the larger charcoal basket.

 photo IMG_1037.jpg

My lobster tail just going on the cooker.

 photo IMG_1039.jpg

My lobster tail ready to come off of my Cobb Premier. It was basted with a butter sauce.

 photo IMG_1043.jpg

Sure made a nice meal.

 photo IMG_1046.jpg

I cooked the steak to medium rare.

Sure was a nice easy cook to do on this fine little cooker / grill. 

Scientifically Processed Animal Matter

I just finished up a Surf and Turf on the Cobb grill and still had a hot fire left so I did some "Scientifically Processed Animal Matter" to help use up the remaining charcoal in the grill. It came out wonderful as it usually does and made a fine lunch.

 photo IMG_1040.jpg

This was the first time I tried this meat on my Grill Grates and it came out quite well. 

Did you know??

This meat has been around for 80 years. 

In the US, it comes in about 20 flavors.

There are 12.8 cans of this meat served every second world wide.

If you were in the service before the "modern army", you damn sure would know what this meat tastes like. gotta love it!!!

 photo IMG_1041.jpg

My selection today was the Black Pepper Spam.

 photo IMG_1047.jpg

 photo IMG_1048.jpg

This is my Spam Slyder I had for lunch today...I added some lettuce, tomato, and some horsey sauce to my sandwich and oh my, it was great.

Now you folks have to quit making fun of this wonderful product.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Breakfast on the Cobb Supreme

Still trying to figure out this new cooker and wanted to try one of the accessories called the “Frying Pan” on this breakfast cook. 

 photo IMG_0955.jpg

This cook consisted of some pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs. 

Added some maple syrup, berries, and some Cool Whip to the top of the pancakes and it sure made a fine breakfast.

 photo IMG_0948.jpg

I started with 13 all hardwood briquets and when they were ready, I placed the frying pan on the cooker and added the lid to let it warm up. Took about 6-7 minutes and I had a cooking grid temperature of 375-400F degrees and I started the cook.

 photo IMG_0949.jpg

It took about 3-4 minutes to get the first side done and then about an additional 2-3 minutes to finish the pancakes.

 photo IMG_0952.jpg

Next up was the sausage and then the scrambled eggs.

 photo IMG_0953.jpg

Sausage and eggs done on the cooker.

 photo IMG_0954.jpg

The results of the cook just off of the Cobb Supreme.

 photo IMG_0956.jpg

Couldn't hardly wait to get started on this breakfast meal! Doesn’t that look good?

Has been fun trying to learn how to cook on this new cooker...

Crescent Cherry Cheesecake Cobbler / Cobb Grill

Always looking for desserts that will fit on my smaller Cobb Premier cooker and this is a good one and fairly easy to fix. 

 photo IMG_1021.jpg

Added a couple dips of ice cream and a hit of cool whip and it made a fine dessert.

 photo IMG_1003.jpg

Ingredients were as follows:
8 oz tube of Crescent Rolls
12 oz cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 stick butter
21 oz cherry pie filling
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 cup sugar

8X8 baking dish

 photo IMG_1005.jpg

Pam the baking dish and place 4 or half of the Crescent rolls on the bottom of the dish, add the cream cheese and 1/2 cup sugar mix.

 photo IMG_1006.jpg

Add the cherry pie filling

 photo IMG_1007.jpg

Place the other half of the Crescent rolls on top and add the 1/4 cup sugar and the butter to the top of the treat.

 photo IMG_1008.jpg

I used the larger charcoal basket with 20 all hardwood briquets which I heated up in a chimney.

 photo IMG_1011.jpg

My cobbler about done on the Cobb grill. I ran the grill at about 300F measured at the very top of the dome and the bake took about 65 minutes to complete.

 photo IMG_1022.jpg

I figured I would have a rough time getting it out of the dish but it came out better than I expected.

It’s really a fine dessert and especially for the Cobb and I will do this one again.