Sunday, July 9, 2017

Smoked and Fried Bologna and Salad

I did this two phase cook on my Cobb Grill and it came out quite well. My plan was to start off with a lower temp and heavy smoke cook on the rotisserie with my big chub of all beef bologna and then to convert the cooker over to high temperature frying for the second phase of this cook. 

 photo IMG_0586.jpg

I prepped my five pound bologna chub by cutting some slots around the outside of the meat. I then mounted the meat into my rotisserie setup and sprayed it down with some butter spray for a sticker, then sprinkled on a good spicy beef rub and it is ready for the fire.

 photo IMG_0587.jpg

This treat is a two phase cook and I like to just use a heavy hickory smoke for the first phase of the cook. I used the standard charcoal basket with 13 all hardwood briquets and two chunks of hickory on top for my smoke. I also added more smoke wood a second time during this part of the cook.

 photo IMG_0590.jpg

This was the start of the cook and you can see the smoke coming out of the Cobb cooker. I also used the Cobb BBQ Kit cooking grid under my rotisserie setup. This will allow some of the drippings from the meat to go down on the fire for some additional flavor. 

 photo IMG_0593.jpg

This part of the cook took about 90 minutes and the meat has now been smoked and is ready to come off of the cooker. 

At this point, I took the rotisserie off of the cooker, replaced the charcoal basket with the larger one with 18 hot briquets, added my grill grates with the smooth side up, and got ready to finish my cook. 

 photo IMG_0613.jpg

 photo IMG_0614.jpg

I took a head of romaine lettuce and cut it in half. Next step was to drizzle on some olive oil, some sea salt, some fresh cracked black pepper, and some garlic powder. I then just fried it up a little on my very hot cooking grid. Maybe two minutes a side and when it comes off of the cooker, I sprinkle on some parmesan cheese and then dribble on some poppyseed dressing and this makes a fine fried salad. 

 photo IMG_0612.jpg

I like to grill my sandwich buns so they were the next item on the grill. 

 photo IMG_0615.jpg

I like to cook my bacon first so I can then cook the bologna in the bacon grease.

 photo IMG_0595.jpg

I usually cut the meat pretty thick for my sandwiches. Next step is to fry this smoked meat on the Cobb Grill in the remaining bacon fat. 

 photo IMG_0617.jpg

I have a very hot grill and the bologna only takes about 2-3 minutes a side to get done. I actually like it charred up a little for the best flavor. 

 photo IMG_0619.jpg

 photo IMG_0621.jpg

I spread a sweet sauce (my veggie dipping sauce) on both sides of the bun, add a slice of lettuce, a slice of tomato, then the bacon and my fried bologna and that is one of my favorite sandwiches. And with the addition of the fried romaine lettuce, makes a great meal. 

Grilled Fruit and Veggies on the Cobb Grill

I did this cook on the Cobb Grill using 21 all hardwood briquets a few days ago and it came out quite well. 

 photo IMG_0562.jpg

My grilled veggies and fruit consisted of the following:

Bell peppers
Jalapeno peppers 
Hot Hungarian wax peppers
Sweet corn
Misc mixed small tomatoes
Red onions
Pineapple slices
Orange slices

This all went into a marinade for about three hours before the cook. 

 photo IMG_0570.jpg

I used Grill Grates with the smooth side up for this cook and let the grill get up to about 575 degrees before I started cooking my treat. 

 photo IMG_0571.jpg

I did the cook in batches and each batch took about 5-6 minutes in my very hot cooker.

 photo IMG_0572.jpg

All done on the table. 

 photo IMG_0573.jpg

I would never make a very good Vegan as I just have to have a little meat with my meals so I did a couple of brats for my lunch. 

 photo IMG_0579.jpg

 photo IMG_0581.jpg

I served this with some Bruschetta bread and my soon to be famous Veggie Dipping Sauce which I will share with the group. 

About 30% sour cream
About 20% standard Blues Hog BBQ sauce
About 50% Blues Hog Tennessee Red BBQ sauce

I sometimes add a little of my favorite rub to this recipe before I mix it up for serving. 

This stuff is absolute “killer” and I serve it as a dip or as in the cook above, I just dribbled it on my veggies before serving. And don’t forget, if you grill any fruit at all, it MUST have this sauce on it.