Sunday, July 30, 2017

Smokehouse Maple Sausage and Egg Hash

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This McCormick Grill Mates recipe has been all over the web in the last week or two and the recipe shows it done in a cast iron skillet on a gas grill but I decided to try it in my little Cobb Grill in an all Stainless steel pan. It came out quite well.

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I used the larger charcoal basket from the Cobb BBQ Kit and loaded it with 18 all hardwood briquets from my Weber small charcoal chimney. I need a medium hot fire for this treat. 

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Added a little oil and my smoked sausage for the first step in this recipe. This cooked about 5 minutes.

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Next were the veggies consisting of chopped onions, red bell pepper, jalapeƱo pepper and some spices. This cooked about 6 minutes.

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Next was about 3 cups of frozen hash browns. This cooked about 6 minutes.

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Next, I stirred in about a cup of sharp Cheddar cheese. I cooked this about 2 minutes and made 4 indentations on the top of the cook for the eggs.

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Just after I cracked four eggs into the pan.

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Used a lid to help get the eggs done and I also warmed up my muffins at the same time.

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It is done and ready to come off of the Cobb.

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This picture got fuzzy...I musta been in my cups, anyway, I added some chopped cilantro and a little sour cream and served with some garden tomatoes and cottage cheese and a slice of cantaloupe.

I’ll do this one again...

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