Friday, November 17, 2017

Ground Sirloin Jerky on the Green Mountain Daniel Boone

I did this jerky cook early yesterday morning and it came out quite well. It was also my first try making jerky out of ground meat. 

 photo IMG_1091.jpg

I did 5 pounds of the ground sirloin (90%) lean for this batch. It took 3-2/3rd trays on the BR6 Ultimate Six Rack setup from Earthworks.

I had 3 trays of the standard mix and cure that came with the LEM Jerky Cannon and one tray of which I added a big sprinkle of cayenne pepper.

 photo IMG_1088.jpg

I turned and rotated the trays every hour and the total cooking time was 3 hr and 45 minutes.

 photo IMG_1083.jpg

My LEM Jerky Cannon worked great for this treat and made quick work out of 5 pounds of ground sirloin. 

 photo IMG_1084.jpg

Ready to be carried out and placed on my Green Mountain Daniel Boone cooker. I ran the cooker at 170 degrees through out the whole cook.

 photo IMG_1086.jpg

About done on cooker.

 photo IMG_1089.jpg

Jerky done and cooling on the counter top. 

 photo IMG_1090.jpg

The wife liked this batch and I think it is pretty good but I think it could be improved with more spice and heat. 

Next batch will be made out of sliced top round.

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