Friday, April 15, 2016

Stuffed Peppers / Cobb Grill

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The ingredients for this dish are as follows:

One pound of 70 / 30 burger
One pound of my homemade spicy Italian sausage
Two cups cooked rice
Chopped onions
Chopped bell pepper tops
Chopped celery
Can of chopped tomatoes
Bell peppers
Cheddar cheese
Jalapeno Catsup
Worcestershire Sauce
Tabasco sauce
Italian spices, salt, and pepper
About a half cup of water

I started this cook by par-boiling my bell peppers for about 5 minutes to make them a little more tender.

Next step was to cook the rice.

I oiled up a cast iron skillet and put the onions, bell pepper tops, celery, and cooked this for about 6-7 minutes and then added the spices and garlic and cooked another minute or two and placed the results into a large mixing bowl.

Added all but my sauce components into the mixing bowl and just mixed it up. Next step was to make the sauce be combining the Jalapeno catsup, some Worcestershire sauce, and a few squirts of Tabasco.

 photo DSC03534.jpg

 photo DSC03535.jpg

I stuffed my bell peppers and then used the leftover mixture for a small meatloaf.

 photo DSC03537.jpg

Added my hot and spicy sauce.

 photo DSC03480.jpg

 photo DSC03538.jpg

As soon as the Cobb was up to temperature, I placed the stuffed peppers along with a couple of baked potatoes on the grill.

 photo DSC03540.jpg

Just before the peppers were ready, I added some shredded cheddar to the top of the peppers and gave them enough time for the cheese to melt and pulled the treat off of the grill.

 photo DSC03541.jpg

Followed the peppers with the meatloaf and added the cheese to this as well.

 photo DSC03542.jpg

 photo DSC03543.jpg

Added some fruit and a buttered up bun half and along with a good ale, had a great meal.

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