Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beef Ribs on the Char-Broil 500X

I did another learning cook on my CB500X cooker. I found some beef ribs with a little bit of meat on them and snapped them up. Meaty beef ribs in my area just doesn't happen very often and these looked fairly good.

These ribs were the bone in beef back ribs and this slab weighed 4.19 pounds. At a $1.98 a pound the slab cost $8.30. You know, a fellow will only get about 65% of this weight after cooking so this would be about 2.7 pounds. Now, take out the bones and gristle and you have about 6 to 7 oz of actual meat left out of this whole slab of beef ribs. Very costly but sure worth it in my opinion.

I sprinkled on a generous coat of my no carb rub and got them ready for the cooker. I had to trim off one bone to get them to fit the cooking grid.

I set the little cooker up for an indirect cook and loaded the charcoal tray about half full of lump. Filled a small charcoal chimney up with lump and when it was ready, I poured it on top of the lump in the cooker. I added about 1-1/2 cup of water to my drip pan to keep the drippings from burning.

I added the slab of ribs and it sure filled up the grid. I had the cooker at about 275 degrees for the start of this cook.

I cooked the ribs for about two hours at around 275-300 degrees and then took them off the grill to wrap in foil.

I brought the ribs in to wrap and added about 2-3 oz of beef broth to my foil boat and about 3 TBL of Splenda to the mix. We are low-carbing.

The ribs went back on the cooker for about two more hours in the foil until they were done.

They came out of the foil looking good. I added a generous coat of my low carb bbq sauce and they were ready to eat.

Plated one of these big ribs up with a small tossed salad and some fried apples.

There might be a better dish out there than these ribs but I sure don't know what it would be.


  1. wow! all these foods looks yammy and it looks delicious. I also own a Greenhouses farm in england, and here we grow vegetables.

  2. Dave,
    I like the no-carb rub and sauce idea. Have you see the "primal blueprint"? http://www.marksdailyapple.com. I have been on that plan for a while and have been experimenting with low sugar rubs and sauces as well. I'll have to give yours a try if you have it posted on here somewhere...