Sunday, September 18, 2011

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, Western Ribs, & Wings

I just purchased my "Lottery Cooker" which is an all Stainless Steel Hasty Bake Model 257 Gourmet cooker. I say lottery because it takes a lottery hit plus a second mortgage on my home for the funds to own one. I believe this cooker is the best of the best of the cookers like it out there and I have cooked on most of them.

This is the first cook on my new Hasty Bake Gourmet #257 Stainless Steel grill. I brushed it down good on the inside with peanut oil and then setup a fuse burn for this longer cook.

I used two firebricks and just split the firebox down the middle and added my lump charcoal. I will light it with a Weber fire cube in the left front corner and it should burn all the way down and around the corner and back to the front. I’m looking for about a 7-8 hour burn.

Looks a little tight at the corner but I think the fire will go around it ok. I then added some hickory chunks to my fire. I then placed the heat deflector over the firebox. Lit it off and then got my meat ready for the cook.

These so called Western ribs are cut off of a pork butt and are pretty thick. I sprinkled on a generous amount of Smokin’ Guns hot rub and placed them on the grill.

I got the cooker dialed in at about 225 degrees measured at the cooking surface and let it go for a few hours with the Western ribs. Near the end of their cook, I slopped on some Blues Hog bbq sauce and glazed them for a few minutes and then took them off the grill.

They sure looked good. I then added the first batch of my breaded hot wings.

The wings usually take about an hour at the lower temp and then I added my hot sauce and finished up the first batch. With my heat deflector in the center of the firebox, the two ends of the grill were not covered and I could move the wings around both direct and indirect and that worked out great for finishing them up.

Later, I added the second round of wings over the direct part of the grill and noticed that I had a big chunk of my hickory smoke wood on fire with the flames coming up thru the cooking grate and decided to just add the steaks as well for their searing. I had planned to do them at the end of the cook with a raised firebox so this worked out great.

I also sliced up a couple of onions about 1/2” thick for my sandwiches and placed them on the top cooking grid of the cooker for about 90 minutes.

The ribeye steaks had some garlic salt and fresh cracked black pepper sprinkled on them before the cook. I seared them about 4 minutes a side and checked them and they were done to about medium so that was just fine for them. I would have preferred medium rare but I missed that one by a couple minutes.

My two plates of super hot chicken wings.

The Western ribs.

My two ribeyes just before I cut them up for my Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches.

The steak sliced for my treat.

This is the start of my brides sandwich as she doesn’t do soppy. We will be using hot dog buns for our sandwich.

I like to place my onions, and my steak slices in some warm Lipton Onion Soup and then add my roasted peppers. I then prep my sandwich out of the soup.

I start by spooning on about 2-3 tablespoons of the soppy on my bun. I then add the balance of the ingredients from the soup. Next is the cheese....Now That is a Philly Cheese Steak!

Was a nice first cook on the Gourmet.

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  1. Seriously nice cooker! The direct/indirect capability makes it so versatile.