Monday, May 7, 2012


I needed to grill up some meat for the rest of the week and I also wanted to try a new brine for my competition chicken thighs so this is the results of this cook. This cook was done on the Char-Broil CB 500X cooker with Wicked Good all hardwood brickettes. I also used a little hickory for my smoke wood. I used about 2/3rd full of my smaller charcoal chimney for this cook and poured them in when they were all ashed over. The setup used on the cooker was both direct and indirect with a tin foil half pan on the left side for drippings and to keep that side indirect and then nothing on the right side which was the fire side or direct side

 Was a pretty day outside with the temp around 50 degrees.
 The chicken was trimmed up and then brined for about 3 hours.  
I started the chicken thighs on the direct side with a good sear to help with the skin and then they were
placed on the indirect side to finish.

 While the chicken was finishing up, I put four 1/3 pound fat burgers on the direct side for their short

 Fat burgers looking good and sucking up that hickory smoke.
 Next were my Allen Brothers 1/4 pound all beef steak dogs. Very pricy but also very good.
Steak dogs about done. Gota be very careful not to split the skin so that when you bite into one of these
things, the juice will squirt all over your mouth.

 Next were the all purpose chops and these were kinda ratty looking but they did cook up well.
More chops.

Here are the results of the cook.


 What a slick little grill.......

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