Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pit Beef / Roast Beef on the Weber Performer Rotisserie

We were out of pit beef or roast beef and Kroger had put some choice angus rump roasts on sale for under $3.00 a pound so another cook was born. Like I need an excuse!! This is a very lean and very flavorful and tough piece of meat that is usually used as a pot roast as it takes about two weeks of cooking in a pot with some veggies to get it tender. Another method that we love is to rotisserie cook them as hot as the cooker will run and then slice them very thin for our pit beef. Can’t have most the veggies anyway as we are low-carbing so this method was chosen. 

Rotisserie cooking limits me to about 4 cookers and I don’t have a unit for my CB 940X so I decided to use my Weber Performer with my EZ-Que rotisserie setup. 

Jan purchased one at 2.44 lbs, the second at 2.82 lbs and I just trimmed off some of the fat caps and then cracked on some fresh black pepper and then sprinkled on some garlic salt and they were ready for the grill. 

I had the cooker loaded up with charcoal and a couple pieces of wood and just turned it loose with all the vents wide open as I do want maxi heat. The temp got to 425 degrees and was still climbing when I put the meat on the spinner for the short cook.

The cooker doing its thing!

The next step is the gravy....you got to have gravy with your roast beef and this is my no-carb gravy that we use for our beef products. I start with a black iron pan and add a little oil, and then the onions. I cook them until they carmelize and then add a can of beef broth, a small can of mushrooms, and some spices like salt, pepper, and garlic or just use whatever you like.  

The roasts are about done on the cooker. I take them off with an internal of about 120 degrees.

I plate the roasts and then cover them with foil for about an hour so the juice has time to redistribute thru out the meat and I get the slicer ready to cut the meat. 

The roast beef just off the slicer.

I start with a piece of low carb wheat bread and then toast it and place it on my plate. I cover it with a generous amount of the roast beef.

I then add a big dipper of that wonderful gravy right on top of that treat  and I am ready to eat. 

Now, that’s a great 6 carb meal.

The balance of the meat will be frozen for future use. 


  1. That is pit beef that would make Maryland proud!

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