Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hot Wings on the Weber Jumbo Joe Kettle

This is a little Hot Wing Cook I did on the Weber Jumbo Joe a few weeks ago.

 photo DSC03562.jpg

Breaded my hot wings and made up my sauce.

 photo DSC03563.jpg

 photo DSC03564.jpg

Fired up the Jumbo Joe and added the Mini-Vortex and a piece of hickory for smoke and then loaded the wings.

 photo DSC03565.jpg

 photo DSC03567.jpg

Sauced them a few times and took the wings off of the cooker. That little kettle sure does a nice job with wings.

 photo DSC03568.jpg

 photo DSC03569.jpg

Along with some chips and a couple of deviled eggs and one of those Zombie Dust Ales, it sure made a nice snack.

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