Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brisket Cook / Char-Broil 940X

This is a three brisket cook on my CB 940X and it came out great! It is also my first cook on this cooker and I do like it. It is very similar to my Hasty Bake and cooks about the same.

I figured I would need about 8 hours on temp so I sure didn’t want to fool with the cooker all day so I set it up for a fuse burn. I placed three firebricks on the charcoal tray to divide the burn or tray in half. I then poured in 14 pounds of that great Stubb’s all wood no crap charcoal. I also added some hickory chunks for the smoke. I will start this burn on the front side with a Weber fire cube and it will burn around the other end and back to the right side of the cooker.

For this larger cook, I needed a fairly large cooking area and it needed to be indirect. I placed a 16X18 oven liner right in the middle of the cooker. This will keep my cook indirect and catch all the drippings from the cook.

Placed two of the cooking grids on the oven liner and this should hold two of the briskets. I then put an additional rack over the grates to hold the third brisket.

I trimmed up the briskets to where I had only about 1/16 to 1/8th fat cap left and then went to my next step.

I was trying out a couple of new competition recipes and these two briskets were injected with a mixture of Butcher’s beef injection mixed with some water, rub, and maple syrup.

The third brisket was cooked for the Minister’s wife and she wanted a brisket from the food network called the Neely’s Smoked Cider Brisket. This brisket was brined for 3 hours and and then cooked with some special recipe stuff from the network.

The two briskets were a little too long for my setup so I placed a couple of beer cans on the grid and laid the briskets over them. This trick shortened them up for the cook.

Added my raised grid and placed the cider brisket on it.

I then let the grill do its thing....

These are the briskets about ready to be foiled.

At about 5-1/2 hours into the cook and when the color looked right, I foiled the briskets with some Rick’s Sinful Marinade and just stacked them back on the cooker.

At about 6 -3/4 hours into the cook, I got the brined brisket off the cooker. The other two briskets came off at about 7-1/2 hours into the cook. As you can see, I just nailed this cook as the charcoal did finish up about the time I got the product off the cooker. I could have probably gone about 45 more minutes but it wasn’t needed.

Now for the money shots....

This is the cider brisket and it was nice and juicy and came out great.

All three briskets were great but the Cider Brisket was outstanding. Will do this recipe again. You can find it at the Food Network.


  1. your blog is incredible, ol' dave! thanks for sharing - I admire your passion and knowledge.

  2. Mr Unknown,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments.