Friday, June 17, 2011

Mountain Spare Ribs / Char-Broil 940X

Kroger had those big “bronto” spare ribs on sale again for $1.47 a pound and I just couldn’t let them get by me even though they are injected with 13% salt water. Will need to adjust my rub for this or they will taste like cured ham!

Mommy found 3 slabs that were just a little over 5 total pound each and I decided to make them into a recipe I saw on the web called Mountain Spare Ribs.

There not a bad looking rib if it weren’t for the injecting. I trimmed them into St. Louis cut and skinned the back of the membrane.

As I needed only the bone in rib, I will freeze the rib-tips for another event. I got all three slabs trimmed up and then I cut the ribs into individual pieces for the recipe.

I placed all the ribs into a large bowl.

Made up a no-salt rub and rubbed up the bowl of ribs. I then added about 3/4 pound of some thick cut bacon as everyone knows, everything is better with bacon!

I setup the CB 940 for an indirect cook and added enough lump charcoal for about a five hour burn and lit it off with a Weber fire cube.

I had about 40 pieces of ribs so I just placed them on the cooker in a big pile as the recipe suggests.

My bad...still haven’t got my cutting block tables stained and sealed as you can see. Anyway, I ran the cooker around 275-300 degrees and every half hour, I sprayed apple juice on the pile and then stirred it up and sprayed it again.

At about 4-1/2 hours into the cook, I sauced up the ribs with a blend of Blues Hog regular and Blues Hog Tennessee Red. I hit em 2-3 times in the last 45 minutes.

They came off looking good.

Served them up with some green beans and salad stuff for a nice low carb meal. These ribs do have more bark and a nice crunch when eating and I liked them. Mommy wasn’t impressed at all and told me to go back to my regular recipe.

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