Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sweet Corn and Ribeye Steak

Fresh Sweet Corn cooked "right" in a pot of boiling water is a wonderful treat but even better in a smoker or cooker following these simple steps.

First, you need to forget what you read on those other blogs about sweet corn and by the way, you shouldn't be reading any OTHER blogs as it hurts my feelings and some of those dimwits and cityfolks don't know nothing about country cooking. Anyway, do not pull back the shucks and remove the silk as it will be much easier when it is done and the shucks need to be tight on each ear for this method to work right. Do not add sugar to the soak water. Do not overcook this great treat by browning up the shucks on your cooker. KISS

Get out a clean bucket or something that will hold the corn you plan to cook and fill it up with water. Add about 1/2 to 2/3 cup of salt to this bucket.

Add the sweet corn with the shucks and be sure to get it all submerged. Do not strip the ears back to remove the silk or even fool with the shucks as this is one of the secrets to great corn.

Soak this corn for ONE hour.

Now, take it straight to the cooker or smoker running about 225-275 degrees and cook it indirect for ONE hour turning every twenty minutes. The shucks do not have to be browned as it will be far overcooked before the shucks brown up very much.

Make you up a butter jar out of a quart canning jar or a pitcher of some type. Fill it about half full with hot sink water and then add a cup of hot butter on top. Pull the shucks back to use as a handle and remove the silk on the corn and dip those ears in the butter jar and then add your salt and pepper.


Ok, for the balance of this cook which will be three ribeye steaks and nine burgers, we will use the Weber Performer.

I like the burgers done at high temps and indirect so I placed the first 6 burgers over the drip pan and cooked them in about 12 minutes. I then placed the last 3 on the cooker and added 2 of the ribeye steaks and I have them direct over the hot coals.

The ribeyes take about 3-4 minutes a side and this is the 3rd steak.

Finished steaks and some corn and we also did some baked potatoes when we did the corn for this meal.

A nice meal.

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