Sunday, November 6, 2011

Low Carb Grilling / Char-Broil 940X

As Fall arrives at the Po-Farm, we usually start lo-carbing and this means a lot of outside charcoal grilling thru the Winter season. There is just no way to fix all the meat that we eat any better than over charcoal on a good grill. The flavor of anything cooked over charcoal is so much better than cooked with or over any other fuel in my opinion. We try to grill about two times a week and when we do, we cook enough for several meals and just re-heat as needed.

This cook was to be eight 6 oz burgers, two large porterhouse beef steaks, two Compart Farms dry aged porterhouse chops, and a very nice Compart Farms pork tenderloin.

This grilling along with the tenderloin will require both a direct and indirect fire so I used my Char-Broil 940X and set it up by loading just the right half of the firebox with some Ozark Oak lump charcoal and then raised the charcoal grid up to where it is close to my cooking grate and fired it up.

Beautiful Fall sunny morning with the temp at about 45 degrees. A great day for an outside cook.

Wife had the fatburgers ready...I call them fatburgers because we make them with the fattiest burger we can find. FAT is flavor. Just a little sea salt and some good fresh ground Tellicherry pepper is all these patties need.

These two large porterhouse beef steaks weren’t very thick but well marbled and should cook up well. They were prepped with some garlic salt and fresh ground pepper.

This is the Compart Duroc “all natural” pork tenderloin. This is the “Filet Mignon” of pork cuts. It just doesn’t get any better then this cut of pork and it needs to be treated as such. I just want to compliment this pork a little so I sprinkled on a very light coat of my low carb rub and it was ready for the grill.

These are the Compart Duroc Premium Dry Aged Porterhouse Pork Chops and they were just slightly over 1-1/2” thick. Now that my friend is a chop!! These premium chops were seasoned with some sea salt and Tellicherry pepper.

As soon as the fire was very hot, I started with the tenderloin as it will take the longest to cook. I seared both sides for a few minutes and placed it on the indirect part of the grate to finish it up.

I seared the burgers about 3 minutes a side and they were done enough to suit me. I didn’t have to finish them indirect.

I seared the Porterhouse beef steaks about two minutes a side and they were done to about medium and that was a little overcooked as I wanted them more rare. They were just too thin for me to get them cooked the way I wanted them.

Sure was a pretty day and the cooker did a fine job with this cook.

I seared the Compart chops about 3 minutes a side and they tested at about 140 degrees internal so I took them off the grill.

I then checked the Compart pork tenderloin and it was at 135 degrees so I let it go about 10 more minutes and pulled it off.

It sure looked good.

Isn’t that will just melt in your mouth...still pink and very juicy.

The Compart Farms Dry Aged Porterhouse Pork chops.

The porterhouse steaks just off the cooker.

My fatburgers.

The last four pictures are the way we might serve them for our locarb meals.

Many thanks go out to The Compart Family Farms Premium Duroc Pork for donating some great pork to the Char-Broil Fall Gathering as it is the best I have even eaten.


  1. I don't think I have had pure Duroc before but Chris Lilly mentioned it as one of the breeds he likes when I took a class from him last year. Every thing you plated up looks great.