Saturday, January 4, 2014

Homemade Burgers on the CB-500X

This is my first cook with some of the 12 pounds of 60/40 hamburger I made a couple of days ago.

 photo DSC02031.jpg

The Ziplock bag in the front of this picture wasn’t frozen and contained a little over 1-1/2 pound of this great burger so I used it for this cook.

 photo DSC02036.jpg

I made up  five 1/3 pound patties and added some salt and pepper so they were ready for the cooker. Notice the white color showing all the fat or flavor that is in each burger.

I filled a Weber charcoal chimney about 2/3 full of that wonderful Ozark Oak lump charcoal and when it was ready, I poured it into one side of the little grill. I have the grill set so 1/2 is direct and the other half is indirect. 

 photo DSC02037.jpg

I started with my buns as I like them kinda toasted for my burgers. I also added some cheese to a couple of them as it is too difficult to get the burgers done correctly with the cheese as they are not on the grill long enough to melt the cheese. 

 photo DSC02038.jpg

I placed a couple of burgers on the hot grill and then cooked them 2 minutes and turned them about 45 degrees for the nice grill marks. They then cooked another 1-1/2 minutes  and I turned them over and let this side go for 2 more minutes. The total time was 5-1/2 minutes to get the burgers to an internal of 130-135 degrees which was my goal for medium rare meat. 

 photo DSC02039.jpg

Had some smoke as all that juice dripped down on my charcoal fire. 

 photo DSC02041.jpg

The 5 patties looked good coming off of the cooker.

 photo DSC02042.jpg

I took 2 of the patties off of the plate for our lunch and I think you can see all the juice that is left on the plate from these wonderful homemade burgers. 

 photo DSC02043.jpg

Wife likes her burgers all dressed out so I added some lettuce, tomato, and a thin slice of onion to her burger with cheese.

 photo DSC02044.jpg

That does look good!

This old purest doesn’t want any of that junk on his sandwich so I just loaded my patty into a bun and ate it without any additions to the sandwich. I wanted to taste all that juicy goodness of this homemade burger and this sandwich sure had that! Best burger I have had in months. Gonna eat another one for breakfast.

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