Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mixed Cook on Mixed Grills

I did this cook last September on a weekend and ended up using three of my favorite grills and cooking some of my favorite treats.

 photo DSC02058.jpg

 photo DSC02059.jpg

I started this September cook with 2-1/2 dozen breaded and smoked hot chicken wings on my GMG pellet grill. These hot and breaded wings are about my favorite appetizer.

Next up was a 2-3/4 pound chuck roast which was used for both some pulled beef and a couple of beef Manhattans. I also did a 2-1/2 pound beef tenderloin roast to be used for our Saturday evening supper. (Was later changed to be used in my Cheese Steak sandwiches).

 photo DSC02060.jpg

 photo DSC02064.jpg

These two roasts were smoked in my little Cobb Grill. For small amounts of food, this little grill is a lot of fun to work with and does make some fine food.

I then set my CB 500X up with the right side direct and the left side indirect and loaded it up with some Ozark Oak lump. This cooker was used to do all the ingredients except baking the hoagie buns of my 4 large cheesesteak sandwiches.

 photo DSC02066.jpg

I buttered up my rolls and grilled them in my black iron skillet.

 photo DSC02068.jpg

Looking good just off the grill.

Next up was my onions and these were done in peanut oil.

 photo DSC02069.jpg

 photo DSC02070.jpg

Then came my peppers.

 photo DSC02071.jpg

I also started my cheese mixture at this time. I used cheese, garlic, salt and pepper in this blend along with a little milk.

 photo DSC02073.jpg

The next ingredient I cooked was some mushrooms. 

 photo DSC02074.jpg

I then warmed up my thin slices of the beef tenderloin.

 photo DSC02075.jpg

About ready for my sandwiches. 

 photo DSC02078.jpg

 photo DSC02079.jpg

Added the meat and veggies and then slopped on the cheese for my 4 sandwiches. 

 photo DSC02080.jpg

 photo DSC02083.jpg

Three of the cheesesteak sandwiches were packaged and frozen for a later event.

 photo DSC02082.jpg

We ended up splitting the last sandwich and used it for our Saturday evening meal.
Really was a great sandwich...Pretty hard to beat a Philly Cheesesteak made with beef tenderloin.

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  1. So yummy foods to eat. I can't wait to cook my own using my own new bbq smokers Austin . Those pictures made me hungry and can't wait to eat grilled bbq.