Thursday, January 12, 2017

Fried Mush

I love corn meal mush and like to have it quite often and usually always try to have it for my breakfast on New Years day. 

 photo DSC03933.jpg

 photo DSC03934.jpg

Yesterday afternoon, between some adult beverages and the ball games, I made up a pan of mush and put it into the fridge to set up for my breakfast this morning. 

I cut off a few slices about 1/2” thick each for my breakfast. 

 photo DSC03935.jpg

 photo DSC03936.jpg

 photo DSC03937.jpg

Placed my six pieces of mush in an iron skillet with some butter and cooked them slowly   (about 15 minutes per side) until they were nicely browned, crunchy, and done. 

 photo DSC03938.jpg

 photo DSC03939.jpg

I always put sorghum on this treat but we were out so I used some real maple syrup as it makes a pretty good substitute. Wife fixed me some cheesy eggs with sausage and then I added some hot salsa and then finished off this meal with half bun with butter and jelly. And of course, I also had my breakfast juice!

Anyone else eat fried mush? Or for you city folks, polenta?

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