Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Pizza on the Cobb Grill

Baking a nice pizza on the Cobb Premier Grill has been a little difficult to master and I have done about a dozen bakes trying to perfect it into something that would suit me. I think I have figured out a method that will produce a pretty good pie. 

Grill Setup:

 photo DSC03763.jpg

 photo DSC03762.jpg

I think the best pizza is always cooked on a hearth and I have found that the best size to use on this small grill is the smaller 8-1/2” stone. One of the biggest problems with pizza on this little cooker is getting the top done before the bottom burns. A larger stone than this will prevent the heated air from coming around this stone to get up into the dome where it can cook the top of the pie before the bottom burns. I have also placed this stone on the raised roasting rack to get it higher into the dome and away from the grid to allow more heated air to come out from under and get into the dome. I am using the grid from the Cobb BBQ Kit as this grid has many more slots that will allow more heat to  get out and around the hearth and up into the dome for the best results. I am also using the dome extension under my pizza setup which gets my fire a little farther away from my product. 


For most baking, I like to use the small Weber charcoal chimney to start my fire to be sure I have all the coals about the same before I pour them into the grill. 

 photo DSC03704.jpg

While I much prefer lump charcoal for about all baking, I have found that it is much harder to control in this little cooker for high temp baking. However, it’s great for steaks and chops. 

 photo DSC03644.jpg

I have found that about 22-24 briquets are about perfect for my pizza. I started with the Kingsford Professional but these so called all hardwood only briquets still have the borax stink agent on the outside to help them release from the dies and I don’t want that smell anywhere near my pizza. I found that they also produce way to much ash for this little grill and will block the incoming air to my fire. I am using the larger charcoal basket that comes with the Cobb BBQ KIt. 

I found that the best fuel for my application is the Wicked Good all hardwood charcoal briquets and this has worked quite well for all my recent bakes. They have a great sweet all wood burning smell and produce very little ash as compared to other briquets. 

Let’s make a pizza...

 photo DSC03757.jpg

I like to make my pizza dough in my Dough Maker (bread machine on the dough only cycle) as it does a great job with this task and it is just super easy to use for this lazy old fellow. 

This first pizza has sauce, cheese, fresh basil leaves, and tomatoes and is on my little wooden peel and after the picture, I carried it out and baked it on the grill. 

 photo DSC03764.jpg

About done on the grill.

 photo DSC03759.jpg

This second pizza has sauce, cheese, pepperoni, onions, and bell peppers and is about done on the grill. 

The third pizza was the same as the second but I did add some hot peppers to this one. 

 photo DSC03766.jpg

 photo DSC03768.jpg

 photo DSC03767.jpg

All three pies ready for serving. 

 photo DSC03769.jpg

 photo DSC03770.jpg

The pizza as served. 

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