Thursday, January 12, 2017

Left-Over Holiday Beef

We make beef salad out of many left-over meats from the holidays. Have made it with roast beef, standing rib roast, English roast, chuck roasts, etc.. just about anything we don’t clean up in one meal. 

I just did this one a few minutes ago for our lunch and my left-over beef for this one was Prime Rib or a some would call it, standing rib roast. 

 photo DSC03925.jpg

Cut the meat up along with some onions and put it through the food processor.

 photo DSC03926.jpg

Next step was to mix in some sweet pickle relish, horseradish, and some Miracle Whip.

 photo DSC03927.jpg

There it is...a simple 10 minute prep job. 

 photo DSC03928.jpg

 photo DSC03929.jpg

I started with a couple of large pieces of dark rye bread. Slapped a piece of lettuce on it and then loaded it up with my Prime Rib Beef Salad. On the other slice of bread, I put a few slices of baby Swiss cheese, some tomatoes, and then squirted on some horsey sauce. 

 photo DSC03930.jpg

I then put my sandwich together and cut it in half for serving. 

 photo DSC03931.jpg

 photo DSC03932.jpg

Now, there is a real sandwich and it was as good or better than the Prime Rib meal it came from.

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