Wednesday, May 2, 2018

First Rotisserie Cook on the Cobb Supreme

I “cobbed” together a rotisserie setup using my two new Cobb Proto-Type Dome Extensions and some rotisserie parts that I use for other cookers and did my first rotisserie cook consisting of a Beef Bottom Round Roast over a pan of Root Vegetables on my Cobb Supreme.

 photo IMG_1438.jpg

I made a roast beef sandwich with a generous amount of the bottom round roast beef, lettuce, tomato, and some horsey sauce on a bun. My sides were a few pieces of my baked new red potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and some pearl onions. Added some sour cream to the potatoes.

 photo IMG_1425.jpg

I prepped my 3.92 pound bottom round roast by trimming off most of the fat. Added a little olive oil for a sticker and then sprinkled on some SPG for my rub.

 photo IMG_1426.jpg

Ready to go on the rotisserie spit rod.

 photo IMG_1427.jpg

My root veggies were some new red potatoes, some sweet potatoes, carrots, and some pearl onions. I salted and peppered the veggies and added a little garlic, some fresh rosemary and thyme.

 photo IMG_1430.jpg

My cook just going on the Cobb Supreme with a rotisserie setup.

 photo IMG_1432.jpg

I used both of my proto-type dome grid extenders for this cook. Along with my heavy duty rotisserie setup, I have a nice cooker for all my rotisserie cooks.

 photo IMG_1435.jpg

My cook is done and ready to be removed from the Cobb Supreme. It took a little under two hours and I took the meat off at 130F degrees internal.

 photo IMG_1436.jpg

My roast beef and veggies just off of the cooker.

 photo IMG_1437.jpg

My roast beef just thru the slicer.

 photo IMG_1438.jpg

Made a nice lunch.

 photo IMG_1440.jpg

Love the potatoes fixed this way.

I think the first rotisserie cook on the Cobb Supreme came out quite well and will make for some additional tasty meals.  Beef Manhattan is up next.

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