Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Humongous ABT's on the Cobb Supreme Grill

Wife came home with a few big beautiful red mild chili’s and asked me just what can we do with these big peppers? Well, I figured I would stuff them with something and decided to make some Humongous ABT’s out of them. 

 photo IMG_1422.jpg

 photo IMG_1423.jpg

This was my treat or meal and it was great!

 photo IMG_1411.jpg

These peppers were about 9” to 10” long and nice and fresh. Sure not what a fellow would use for ABT’s but I decided to just add some heat to the stuffing and see how that would come out. 

 photo IMG_1412.jpg

I chopped up some jalapeño peppers for the heat in my treat, chopped some onions as well, and then added some finely chopped smoked pulled pork to my dish. I ended up using 1-1/2 pounds of cream cheese. I also topped my treat with some pre-cooked bacon.

 photo IMG_1413.jpg

I started by cutting the peppers into two pieces and then made up a cheeseball with the ingredients which make stuffing ABT’s much easier and quicker and stuffed my pepper halves. 

 photo IMG_1414.jpg

Ready for the next step.

 photo IMG_1415.jpg

I placed my peppers into a 9X13" baking or casserole dish and added the bacon and then sprinkled on a hot pork rub and they were ready to go on the cooker. Sure gotta love all the space in the Supreme. A half size hotel aluminum foil pan will also fit this fine cooker.

 photo IMG_1416.jpg

I added about 14 all hardwood charcoal briquets to the charcoal basket and then added a few small chunks of hickory for my smoke wood and the cooker was ready to go. 

 photo IMG_1417.jpg

Casserole dish going on the Cobb Supreme.

 photo IMG_1418.jpg

Just coming off of the Cobb Supreme after about 50 minutes. Ran a temperature of about 240-270F degrees.

 photo IMG_1420.jpg

 photo IMG_1421.jpg

This treat came out quite well and was a very easy cook.

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