Monday, May 21, 2018

The Ultimate Smoked Bloody Mary / Cobb Supreme

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This was a fun cook to put together and was done in two phases on the Cobb Supreme charcoal grill.

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Sure makes a nice presentation.

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A fellow needs a little snack or two to go with his drink.

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I always make some extra bacon for these drinks.

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How I infuse the Vodka that is used in my Smoked Bloody Mary drinks.

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On the bottom is a 9X13 dish the is used to catch the smoked water from the ice which will be frozen again for the drinks. On top is the pan of salt and I also mixed in some rub and this is used on the rim of the glass. The cheese I will be smoking is sharp cheddar.

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I used 3 all hardwood briquets and a chunk of hickory for this first phase of the smoke. I must keep the temperature inside the cooker under 90F degrees and a small fire is a must along with the ice which will also help with the temperature.

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The cheese, smoked ice, and the smoked salt and rub starting out early this morning.

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I started the cook very early in the morning when the ambient temperature is the lowest for the day.

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The first phase of the cook about done.

 photo IMG_1497.jpg

As soon as my first phase was done, I poured my smoked water into ice cube trays for my drinks and put them into the freezer.

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I cut my large Roma tomatoes into 4 pieces each. I then sprinkled on my rub and some salt and pepper.

 photo IMG_1496.jpg

Along with my tomatoes, I used some country style thick cut bacon. Ready to carry it outside and place it on my hot Cobb Supreme.

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I refired the cooker with about 14 all hardwood briquets and added some smoke wood and my second phase was on the way.

 photo IMG_1501.jpg

My bacon is done but the tomatoes need a little more time.

 photo IMG_1503.jpg

Tomatoes done on the Cobb Supreme.

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I removed the skin and the core out of the tomatoes and placed them into the blender. I then added the balance of my recipe to the blender which included tomato juice, celery seed, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and lemon juice. Pulsed the blender a few time and then put the drinks together.

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I refroze my infused smoked water in a couple of ice trays a few hours before I made up my treat. I started by using some lemon juice on the rim of the glass and the dipping the rim in my salt and rub mixture.

Sure was a fine drink and a great appetizer.

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