Monday, May 21, 2018


This cook was done on my Cobb Premier Grill and is probably the best burger that I have ever tasted. You’ll want to throw rocks at a standard hamburger after trying this one. 

 photo IMG_1527.jpg

I like my pork burger on an onion bun and then dressed with a slice of onion, a tomato slice, a pickle slice, and some deli mustard.

 photo IMG_1528.jpg

I don’t like to cut back much on the meat so I made my pork burgers into 6 oz. patties for this treat. Makes a fine sandwich with this much meat.

 photo IMG_1510.jpg

The Ingredients for my Porkburgers:

2 pork butts weighing about 16-1/4 pound total
4 pkgs of Lipton dry onion soup
2 cups of finely chopped onions
10 cloves of garlic thru my Suzy
4 TBL dried basil
3 TBL pork rub
2 TBL butcher cut black pepper
3/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp ground cayenne pepper (optional)

 photo IMG_1511.jpg

I cut the fat cap off of my butts and deboned them and then sliced them up into pieces that will fit my grinder.

 photo IMG_1513.jpg

Put the meat thru the grinder.

 photo IMG_1515.jpg

Added all my spices and veggies and then mixed it all up and covered it and placed it into the fridge for about 24 hours so my burger would have some time to meld together before I cooked or processed it.

 photo IMG_1517.jpg

Coming out of the fridge on cooking day.

 photo IMG_1520.jpg

I made up four 6 oz pork patties along with eight 1/4 pound beef burgers for this cook.

 photo IMG_1521.jpg

I used the larger charcoal basket out of the Cobb BBQ Kit and filled it with 19 hot all hardwood briquets out of a charcoal chimney for this cook. I needed enough time and heat for 3 rounds of burger cooking. 

 photo IMG_1522.jpg

I cooked the porkburgers on the back side of my Grill Grates and used a temperature of about 550F degrees measured on the surface of the Grill Grates. These big 6 oz burgers took about 12 minutes to cook.

 photo IMG_1523.jpg

 photo IMG_1522.jpg

Along with the Porkburgers, I did some 1/4 pound beef slider burgers on this cook. 

 photo IMG_1525.jpg

Both of the finished burgers just off of the Cobb Premier grill.

 photo IMG_1529.jpg

 photo IMG_1530.jpg

This big one inch thick 1/4 pound slider is a great sandwich but just doesn’t compare to the porkburger. 

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  1. These burgers are absolutely fantastic. Made them Sat/Sun. Started with already ground pork but kept the rest of the recipe as-is. Perfect! Thank you for posting it.