Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Smoked and Fried Bologna

I started with a 4.78 pound chub of all beef bologna for this treat.

 photo DSC01788.jpg

Next step was to remove all the wrappers.

 photo DSC01789.jpg

I then quartered the chub to increase my surface area for the smoke. 

 photo DSC01790.jpg

I scored the surface area and added some SGH rub and it was ready to go on the cooker.

 photo DSC01791.jpg

I fired up the Green Mountain cooker and set the temp to 150 degrees as at this very low temp I can get some smoke without a bunch of heat. The bologna is ready to eat as it is and by smoking at a higher temp will only dry it out. Fwiw, it is really better to just smoke it like you do cheese using no heat at all. Anyway, I had some other items ready for the cooker so I added the bologna. 

 photo DSC01792.jpg

I smoked the quarters about 100 minutes and pulled them off the cooker.

 photo DSC01793.jpg

I wrapped 3 of them for the freezer and sliced up one of the pieces into about 1/2” to 3/4” wide slices.

 photo DSC01795.jpg

 photo DSC01794.jpg

Next step was to add a black iron griddle to the smoker and then some bacon.

 photo DSC01797.jpg

Did a couple of rounds of bacon for the sandwiches. 

 photo DSC01798.jpg

I then fried my bologna slices in the bacon grease for some additional flavor.

 photo DSC01800.jpg

 photo DSC01803.jpg

I added a little mayo to my seeded bun and then some lettuce, a tomato slice, a couple slices of the bacon and about 3 of my slices of smoked and fried bologna. 

 photo DSC01805.jpg

Just so simple but oh so good!!

 photo DSC01806.jpg

Served with a dill pickle spear and some of the pit beans off of this cook. 

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