Tuesday, June 18, 2013

High Temp Steak, Burger, Tenderloin and more

This is a high temp steak, burger, grilled tenderloin, and homemade brat cook on the Green Mountain pellet grill.  

 photo DSC01808.jpg

I added my steak insert which is two adjustable Brinkmann heat tents which I have sitting on a couple of firebricks for the correct height. They are used as flame tamers to keep the flame where I want it. 

 photo DSC01809.jpg

Next step was to place the standard grates back on the cooker and then I added my Grill Grates on top of the standard grates. I didn't use any of the standard drip shield or the two wind deflectors that come with the cooker.

I fired up the cooker and set the controller to 350 degrees which is all I need for my high temp grilling. Remember, this setup will grill at the tip of the flame so a fellow doesn't need those crazy hot temps that will warp and spring the parts in the cooker. 

 photo DSC01810.jpg

As soon as the cooker got up to 700 degrees which took about 10 minutes, I added the burgers. 

 photo DSC01811.jpg

By the time my burgers were done of the first side (about 3 minutes), the cooker had reached my target temp of 775 degrees. Again, the controller is set at 350 degrees. My setup allows me to cook at the tip of the flame with my insert. 

 photo DSC01812.jpg

Next up was two rib-eyes cut about 1-1/2” thick.

 photo DSC01815.jpg

The rib-eyes cooked about 3 minutes on the first side and then 2 minutes on the second side. 

 photo DSC01814.jpg

I then did my 2 grilled tenderloins and they took about 2 minutes to get done.

I also cooked 3 homemade brats on the indirect side of the grill. I didn’t want to break the skin with the high temps.

The results of the cook.

 photo DSC01819.jpg

 photo DSC01818.jpg

 photo DSC01820.jpg

 photo DSC01821.jpg

The burgers as served.

 photo DSC01825.jpg

The steak as served.

 photo DSC01822.jpg

 photo DSC01823.jpg

Now that some good stuff!!

Along with my rotisserie mod, this high temp setup is one of the better modifications I have  done to this fine cooker.

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  1. I gave this method a shot and liked it but I made a couple of modifications. I tried the grates with and without the heat tent and liked it better without because it allowed the sides to stay relatively cool. I could move the meat over to cook once the sear finished on a thick steak. Thanks for the tip.