Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pork Butts in the Green Mountain Grill

I needed to smoke a couple of pork butts and I decided to do them in my Green Mountain Daniel Boone Pellet Grill. I haven't done any longer cooks in this cooker yet so this will be a first attempt at a longer low and slow cook.

I started by trimming all the fat off the outside of the butts. I then injected them with Chris Lilly’s pork injection. Next step was to cover them with a generous amount of Slab’s pork rub. They went into the fridge overnight for about 6 hours. 

About 2:30am Saturday morning, I fired up the cooker and got my butts ready for the fire.

 photo DSC01830.jpg

Just out of the fridge.

 photo DSC01831.jpg

Ready to go on the cooker.

 photo DSC01832.jpg

I got them loaded about 3:00am and set the temp to 150 degrees for the first 2 hours which will give me some extra smoke during this first period. 

 photo DSC01833.jpg

Raised the temp to 275 and cooked and smoked the butts until the color and bark looked right (about 6 hrs) and took them off the cooker for the foil wrap. 

 photo DSC01834.jpg

Looked good enough to eat now but still not done.

Each butt was wrapped in foil with a half a bottle of the Stubb’s Pork Marinade and then back into the cooker.  

 photo DSC01835.jpg

They cooked an additional 2 hours and I pulled them at 205 internal and quickly opened the foil for about 15 minutes to set the bark and then wrapped up again and rested for about 2 hours. 

 photo DSC01836.jpg

Pulled the butts and ended up with 9 pounds of product. 

 photo DSC01838.jpg

I mixed up a light blend of my catering sauce and added it to the meat. I then added some finely ground rub to the meat and mixed it all up and it was ready to be bagged. 

 photo DSC01839.jpg

Gonna be some happy folks at the local Ford dealership come Monday about noon. 


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