Monday, August 19, 2013

Turkey Breasts / Char Broil 940X

I had 5 turkey breasts that weighed a total of 38.89 pounds to cook and decided to do them in my classic Char-Broil 940X charcoal grill. 

I started by mixing up my honey brine which will be injected into the meat. 

 photo DSC01840.jpg

Next step was to trim off the excess skin and clean up the breasts. 

 photo DSC01842.jpg

Injected 4 oz of the brine into each side of the turkey breasts. 

 photo DSC01843.jpg

Got the marinade out as each breast will be brined and marinaded at the same time overnight in the fridge. The marinade will be Wish Bone Robusto salad dressing.

 photo DSC01845.jpg

After injecting, each breast was placed into a zip-lock bag and then the marinade was poured in over the breasts. 

 photo DSC01846.jpg

All 5 of the turkey breasts ready to go into the fridge for their overnight stay. I did turn them over a few times during this period to be sure the marinade was covering everything.

On the morning of my cook, I rolled my CB 940X to my cooking patio. 

 photo DSC01847.jpg

I had the cooker loaded with some South American lump and hickory for some smoke and I lit off a charcoal chimney and when it was ready, I dumped it over my lump in the cooker. 

 photo DSC01848.jpg

I got the breasts out of the fridge and took them out of their bags. 

 photo DSC01849.jpg

I sprinkled a light coat of my no salt, no sugar, no burn, and high temp rub onto the meat.

 photo DSC01850.jpg

I had the cooker setup where the left 2/3rds of the cooking grid was indirect and the right 1/3 was direct. As soon as my cooker got up to 350 degrees, I loaded the 5 breasts into the cooker. 350 degrees on the cooker thermometer measures about 285 degrees on the cooking grid. 

 photo DSC01851.jpg

I cooked them about 1hr and 40 min and then wrapped them in foil. 

 photo DSC01852.jpg

They cooked an additional 50 minutes and were done at a measured 165 degrees internal temp.

 photo DSC01853.jpg

This is about as good as turkey breast can be prepared.

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