Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Choice Whole Ribeye Loin

My local Kroger had both the whole choice ribeye loin and also their choice angus chuck roasts on sale last week and I picked up a 17-1/2 pound whole ribeye loin and then had to take a raincheck on four of the chuck roasts as they were out of them. 

 photo DSC01967.jpg

The loin was a very nice piece of meat and just needed some trimming and then sliced up into steaks. 

 photo DSC01971.jpg

The first thing I did was to cut the tail off of the meat. This tail along with a couple more I have frozen will be ground up and mixed with the chuck roasts to make my white burger. 

 photo DSC01968.jpg

 photo DSC01970.jpg

I sliced the steaks about 1-1/4 “ thick which should make for some fine eating. 

 photo DSC01973.jpg

I processed most of them for the freezer.

 photo DSC01974.jpg

I saved one back and sprinkled on some garlic salt and then cracked on some fresh black pepper. I also quartered a couple of potatoes and placed them into a couple of foil pouches for my little cooker.

 photo DSC01975.jpg

The Cobb Grill was handy so I filled it up with some lump charcoal and then loaded my potatoes into the moat beside the charcoal. 

 photo DSC01976.jpg

 photo DSC01977.jpg

I cooked the first side for about 4 minutes and then the second side for about 3 minutes to get my steak to a medium rare finish and then took it off the grill.

 photo DSC01978.jpg

Potatoes looked good coming off the cooker. 

 photo DSC01979.jpg

It made for a nice lunch.

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