Monday, August 19, 2013

ABT's / Hot Wings / Fried Sweet Corn

I fired the Char-Broil 500X up with some Stubbs all hardwood charcoal briquettes and then added some hickory chunks to the top of the fire. I have 1/2 the cooker direct and 1/2 indirect for this cook. 

I had picked some Hungarian hot yellow wax peppers and some jalapenos from my container garden and I got them made into ABT’s with some pulled pork, chopped onions, and creamed cheese. I also added a generous amount of rub and cayenne pepper and wrapped them with some bacon. “I’m a chili-head”.

 photo DSC01950.jpg

 photo DSC01951.jpg

I got the ABT’s loaded on two layers on the indirect side of the cooker for their cook. I had the cooker running at about 300 degrees for this short cook. 

 photo DSC01952.jpg

The fine little cooker doing its thing on a very nice and cool morning here in Central Indiana. 

 photo DSC01953.jpg

About done on the cooker.

 photo DSC01954.jpg

Can’t wait for lunch. Ate one and wow, it was hot!

 photo DSC01955.jpg

Next on the indirect side of the cooker was my breaded hot chicken wings. On the direct side is a black iron skillet full of fresh sweet corn just cut off the cob. I will be frying it is some real butter. 

 photo DSC01958.jpg

With the corn done, I finished up on my hot wings by brushing on some very hot sauce a few time during the cook. That breading sure holds a lot of sauce and that makes them gooder. 

 photo DSC01959.jpg

My pile of wings.

 photo DSC01960.jpg

I can see two or three meals out of this cook.

 photo DSC01961.jpg

 photo DSC01962.jpg

Lunch is served.

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