Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weber Jumbo Joe Pizza / Charbroil Pork and Fat Burgers

Have a couple cooks on the new style Weber Jumbo Joe to show you. The pizza was done on a cold morning with an ambient of about 24 degrees and windy.

The burger cook was done on a 14 degree morning and very cold and windy.  Wind chill must have been around zero!

Pizza Prep

 photo DSC02704.jpg

Chopped up some onions, bell peppers, and roasted red peppers. I added some sliced mushrooms, jalapenos, and black olives. We decided to use pepperoni for the meat on the two pizzas. 

I made up enough herbed cheese pizza dough for two pizzas.

 photo DSC02703.jpg

My setup was a 12” hearth stone on a raised grid (tin foil balls) over a 12-1/2 inch metal pan. I used about 1/3 of a Weber chimney of raw lump charcoal on the bottom of my kettle and then poured a full chimney of hot lump over the top of the unlit coals.

 photo DSC02705.jpg

 photo DSC02706.jpg

 photo DSC02707.jpg

Formed the first pizza on my home made peel and added the veggies, sauce, cheese, and meat.

 photo DSC02708.jpg

Brought the cooker up to about 400 degrees and after a warmup of about 15 minutes, I loaded the first pizza.

 photo DSC02711.jpg

 photo DSC02710.jpg

Cold morning but nice sunshine.

 photo DSC02714.jpg

First pizza took about 13 minutes.

 photo DSC02713.jpg

While the first pizza was cooking, I made up the second pizza.

 photo DSC02715.jpg

The second pizza took a little longer at about 17 minutes and I pulled it off the kettle.

 photo DSC02716.jpg

 photo DSC02717.jpg

Not too bad for an first effort on my new Weber tailgater kettle.

 photo DSC02718.jpg

 photo DSC02719.jpg

Made a nice lunch.

Next cook was some burgers on the Jumbo Joe fitted with the combination cast iron grid from Charbroil that will fit most all Weber products that measure either 18-1/2” or 22-1/2”  in diameter. The one very inexpensive grid works on my kettles and my WSM smokers if I use them as a grill.

 photo DSC02664.jpg

 photo DSC02665.jpg

Mom made up about eight of my homemade 1/3 pound pork burgers and then did 4 more of my 60/40 beef fat burgers. 

Fired the kettle up with a full Weber chimney of hot lump charcoal poured into two Weber charcoal baskets and centered in the grill for this cook.

 photo DSC02667.jpg

 photo DSC02669.jpg

 photo DSC02670.jpg

I didn’t turn the burgers on the cast iron grid to get the nice cross-hatch marks as it was just too darn cold to stand out there and fiddle with the meat. It did pretty well with just the straight marks.

 photo DSC02671.jpg

 photo DSC02672.jpg

With a little broccoli and some potato wedges, I had a nice pork burger lunch. 

This is slowly becoming my favorite go to cooker for most of my smaller backyard cooks.          

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