Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weber Jumbo Joe / Rotisserie Chicken

This cook was done on my newer 18-1/2” Weber Jumbo Joe with the Cajun Bandit combo Rotisserie Setup and Ring.

 photo DSC02720.jpg

The chicken was a rather large roasting chicken that weighed in at 6-1/2 pounds. I planned to both brine and marinade it overnight in the fridge. I made up some Shake’s Honey Brine and also used a bottle of Ken’s Italian salad dressing for the marinade.

 photo DSC02721.jpg

I injected 1 oz. each of the Honey Brine in both the legs and thighs of the chicken. I also injected 2 oz. in each side of the breast. 

 photo DSC02722.jpg

I placed the injected chicken into a large zip-lock bag and poured the marinade dressing over the chicken. 

 photo DSC02723.jpg

The prepped chicken went into the fridge for the overnight stay. I turned the package over several times during this span to be sure that all the chicken was soaking some of the marinade during the night. 

 photo DSC02641.jpg

The next morning, I setup the grill using two Weber charcoal baskets with a jumbo size (5 lb) tin foil loaf pan in the center to catch the drippings. I then added some hot Stubb’s charcoal and also placed a large chunk of hickory on top of one of the charcoal baskets.
Beautiful sunny day with a starting ambient temp of 32 degrees.

 photo DSC02724.jpg

I trussed the chicken and mounted it on to the rotisserie spit rod. Next step was to sprinkle on a light coat of SGH rub and it was ready for the kettle. 

 photo DSC02725.jpg

 photo DSC02726.jpg

I placed the extension ring on the cooker and then added the rotisserie chicken and brought the temperature up to my cooking range of  about 275 to 300 degrees. 

 photo DSC02727.jpg

I cooked the chicken until the rub was setup so it wouldn’t wash off and then I started my “Roadside Chicken” mop or baste period. 

 photo DSC02728.jpg

The chicken was mopped at about every 10-15 minutes thru out the balance of the cook. 

 photo DSC02730.jpg

 photo DSC02731.jpg

I pulled the chicken when the internal in the deepest part of the thigh was at about 175 degrees. I think it came out looking great and made for a nice presentation.

 photo DSC02733.jpg

We planned to use this chicken in several treats where it will probably be chopped up so I did cut the chicken up and sliced the breast and plated it for a picture.

 photo DSC02734.jpg

 photo DSC02735.jpg

Later in the day, wife made up some of those real thick egg noodles and I added some of the chicken to this great dish. Next dish will be some smoked chicken salad!

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