Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weber Jumbo Joe / Rotisserie Hot Wings

This is a breaded hot wing cook on my Jumbo Joe charcoal grill with an add-on Cajun Bandit combo rotisserie setup & ring that fits both my 18-1/2 inch Weber kettles and also my Weber Smokey Mountain 18-1/2 inch smoker.

 I prepped the wings by running them thru an egg wash and then into some spiced up breading mix and then placed them into the fridge so the breading could set up. I then placed them into my rotisserie basket.
I started some Stubb’s brickettes in a charcoal chimney. 

 photo DSC02640.jpg

When my coals were hot, I poured them into a couple of Weber charcoal baskets and then added an extra large 5 pound tinfoil loaf pan to catch the drippings. 

 photo DSC02641.jpg

Next step was to add my rotisserie ring, my rotisserie motor, and then my rotisserie basket with my hot wings.

 photo DSC02643.jpg

I added the lid and adjusted the vents for the cook. 

 photo DSC02644.jpg

I planned to run the temperature in a range of about 350 to about 400 degrees for this cook to insure I get crispy wings. 

 photo DSC02646.jpg

About the 30 minute mark into the cook, I started slopping on some hot sauce.

 photo DSC02648.jpg

I applied the sauce a couple of times and then pulled the wings. 

 photo DSC02650.jpg

These wings are crunchy and have a wonderful flavor although quite hot!

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