Monday, May 1, 2017

Challah Bread on the Cobb Grill

I did this bake yesterday on my Cobb Grill using the larger charcoal basket, dome extension, standard cooking grid, roast rack, 8-1/2” stone hearth, and about 22-23 charcoal briquets. Has been a difficult task to get this little cooker to bake at some of the lower baking temperatures in the 350 400 degree range and baking times of 30-50 minutes. I am getting real close to this goal.

 photo IMG_0353.jpg

Just about done on the Cobb Grill. I made the loaf just slightly too large for my grill for the best results.

 photo IMG_0355.jpg

Cooling down before I cut it for serving.

 photo IMG_0357.jpg

Looked pretty good.

 photo IMG_0358.jpg

I got the bottom and the top to both come out perfect this time as you can see in this picture.

 photo IMG_0349.jpg

My fire at the start of the cook.

 photo IMG_0347.jpg

This is a very rich bread and is braided but it is kinda difficult to see it in the picture. I needed a loaf that was very short and wide for the “little” space you have to deal with in the cooker. Would have been much prettier if I could have made it about twice as long when I formed it. I did the dough in my bread machine on the dough only cycle. 

Sure was good with a big slab of butter on it....

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