Friday, February 15, 2013

Pork on a Stick Plus / Green Mountain Grill

Another cook on my new cooker...I guess I will call this one Pork on a Stick Plus as it was the whole meal.

I started with my grilled veggies and cut up some celery, a few green onions, fresh mushrooms, few carrots, plum tomatoes, garlic, red onions, yellow and green bell pepper and a few jalapeno’s. These went into a bag and I poured the marinade over them and into the fridge for a couple of hours. 

Next step was to prep my abt’s with some shredded onions, some pulled pork, and some cream cheese. I then sprinkled on some rub.

Last step was to wrap them with bacon and pin them with a toothpick and they were ready for the grill. 

I sprinkled on some garlic salt and then hit my pork with some fresh cracked black pepper and it as well is ready for the cooker. I also wrapped the bones with tin foil so they wouldn’t char up as after all, this is the handle.

I brought the cooker up to about 170 degrees so I could get more smoke for the first hour of the cook. 

The pork and the abt’s filled up the lower level of the cooker. 

A little later in the cook, I upped the temp to 350 degrees to finish my cook. 

The abt’s looking good just off the cooker.

We had some left over abt stuffing so I used it to make up about 10 pork shooters. These went on the grill next. 

Next on were my marinaded veggies and I used about half of them at a time. 

Next off the grill were my pork shooters or Pig Shots.

These are the grilled veggies just off the cooker and these things are just killer!

I took the pork to about 135-138 degrees measured in the center of the rack and took it off the cooker. I then tented it for about 45 minutes so the juice has some time to redistribute within the meat. 

I turned the meat over to make it easier to cut. 

Looks very good and I was ready to eat. 

All plated up and it turned out to be a pretty good meal for our 48th wedding anniversary.

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  1. I was about to congratulate you on that great new cooker but forget that...CONGRATULATIONS ON 48 YEARS!