Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baking on the Green Mountain Pellet Grill

I did my first baking session on my newest cooker today and it came out quite well. I decided to do a couple of small boules of no knead bread, a loaf focaccia flat bread, and  a 12” pizza. This should be a good test for the pellet grill. 

I made the no knead bread dough up yesterday and then let it sit on the countertop for about 24 hours to let it work and  sour up some. 

I then made up both the focaccia and the pizza dough with the same recipe using the following herbs in the dough--- oregano, thyme,  and marjoram. This dough went into the fridge overnight. 

This morning, I formed the boules of the no knead bread and placed them on a dish towel for the last proof which will probably take a couple of hours. 

 photo DSC01604.jpg

I filled the grill up with hickory pellets and fired it off and brought it up to 500 degrees and placed my Dutch oven and my ceramic baking container in it to preheat them for the bread.

 photo DSC01605.jpg

Loaded the bread into the containers and placed the lids on my containers for the first part of the bake.

After about 30 minutes, I took the lids off of the baking containers to finish browning the bread.

 photo DSC01607.jpg

Got the focaccia and pizza dough out of the fridge and made up my loaf of focaccia on my peel and then I sprinkled on some dried chives and rosemary on top.

 photo DSC01608.jpg

 photo DSC01609.jpg

Ready for the cooker.

When my no knead bread was done and off the cooker, I set the cooker up with a raised hearth and stone for the balance of the bake and dropped the temp to about 400 degrees. 

 photo DSC01610.jpg

The focaccia baked about 18 minutes and I pulled it off the grill.

While the focaccia was finishing up, I made up the pizza on the peel. 

 photo DSC01611.jpg

Loaded the pizza into the cooker.

It was done in about 15 minutes.

The results of this first bake.

 photo DSC01613.jpg

Man, did this smell good!

 photo DSC01614.jpg

 photo DSC01615.jpg

My friends,  this is some great bread. 

 photo DSC01618.jpg

 photo DSC01619.jpg

Sure can’t find much fault in this great little cooker as it does everything I ask of it and does it well.


  1. darn that is a lot bread--and it all looks good---hope all is well!!

  2. Hello Buzz,

    All is pretty good but my age is sure catching up with me. I see you are doing some traveling and hope you and yours are doing well too.