Saturday, April 18, 2015

BLT Pizza on the Cobb Grill

This will be my third try at getting a good pizza off of my little Cobb Grill. First two efforts were ok but I am sure I can do better with the high temperature cooks. I have given up on using a hearth stone as I don't think I can get the grill hot enough for this to work correctly. 

 photo DSC01746.jpg

About an hour before my dough was ready, I fired up the Cobb with about as much lump  charcoal as it would hold. Started my fire and when it had a good start, I placed the cooking grid on the cooker as I wanted at least a 45 minute warmup.  

 photo DSC02866.jpg

My ingredients were a package of pre-cooked bacon, mozzarella cheese, Miracle Whip, lettuce, and Ro-Tel diced tomatoes & green chilies. I also made up enough dough for these two pizzas and some focaccia bread.   

 photo DSC02867.jpg

Formed the first pizza into about a 9” flat and then spread on the Miracle Whip. I then added some bacon.

 photo DSC02868.jpg

Next step was to add some cheese.

 photo DSC02869.jpg

As soon as the cooker was as hot as it was going to get, I loaded my first pizza. 

 photo DSC02870.jpg

The first pizza took about 12 minutes and after I pulled it off, I added the second pizza. 

Both pizzas came out well except I would have liked to have a little more browning on the top sides. I know what to do to fix that on my next bake. The crusts were nice and crunchy and that is what I wanted. 

 photo DSC02871.jpg

I added the chopped up lettuce, the Ro-Tel tomatoes and green chilies, and some more bacon and then cut the pizzas up for serving.

 photo DSC02873.jpg

 photo DSC02872.jpg

The crust looked great and the pizzas were very good. I think the Cobb Grill can cook a pretty fair pizza. 

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