Sunday, April 19, 2015

Turkey Breast on the Cobb Grill

I prepped the turkey breast by injecting it with Shake’s Honey Brine and then I put it into a large zip-lock bag and poured a bottle of Wishbone salad dressing over the meat. I then placed the bag into the fridge for an overnight stay. This gives me both a brine and marinade at the same time during this overnight period. 

 photo DSC02747.jpg

The next morning, I took the turkey breast out of the bag and then added a medium dose of SGH rub to the meat and it was ready for the fire. 

 photo DSC02748.jpg

I set the Cobb Grill up with some of that great Ozark Oak lump charcoal and lit it off. As soon as my fire was ready, I added a big foil pack of wild cherry wood chips right on top of the charcoal. 

 photo DSC02749.jpg

Placed the turkey breast on the grill and due to the height of the meat, I had to add the 3-1/2” extension on top of the base. I then added the lid and got the cook started. 

 photo DSC02750.jpg

Nice morning with a temp of about 33 degrees at the start of the cook. With the cooler weather and the lump charcoal, I was getting temperatures between 220 to about 280 degrees which should be fine for this cook. I did have to add more charcoal once.

 photo DSC02753.jpg

After my rub set up, I started mopping the turkey breast with the “Roadside Chicken Mop” about every 20 minutes until it was done.

I pulled the turkey breast off the cooker when the internal reached about 160 degrees and then covered it in foil for about 30 minutes. The cook took about 3-1/2 hours. 

 photo DSC02755.jpg

Took my foil cover off and found one very juicy looking turkey breast! 

 photo DSC02756.jpg

 photo DSC02757.jpg

I cut the bone out and then sliced up the meat. 

 photo DSC02759.jpg

 photo DSC02760.jpg

Came out well with a good flavor and the meat was very moist.

Gotta love a Cobb Grill.

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