Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gyros and Italian Crescent Ring

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I had a few odds and ends left from my Leg of Lamb and the wife wanted a Gyro so I fixed her up as I don't care for this treat.

I like treats made up using Crescent rolls and this is the most recent one I have done. It is called the Spicy Italian Crescent Ring and I found the recipe on a blog.  

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After laying out two tubes of rolls on my baking sheet, I start with a layer of roasted red bell peppers. 

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Next layer is some sliced provolone cheese.

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The recipe called for some sliced hot salami, some sliced capocollo, and some deli sliced ham. Well, being we live out in the sticks, the closest thing I could find without driving to Indy was a Gourmet Variety Pack containing Hot Calabrese, Pepper Salame, and Hot Capacollo so this is what I used for this treat. 

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Next was a layer of jalapeno slices.

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Last layer was more provolone cheese.

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Fold the dough over the top and bake it. 

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This thing was real tasty but I didn’t feel it had enough meat. I will double the meat on my next attempt.

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