Friday, September 11, 2015

Jamaican Jerk Burgers / Weber Jumbo Joe

This cook was done on my Weber Jumbo Joe and consisted of four 5-1/2 oz Jamaican  jerk burgers and one standard hamburger. Also grilled on the Weber cast iron griddle were six  cornbread griddle cakes, some onions, slab potatoes, and some pineapple slices. 

 photo DSC03176.jpg

I started by making up a jerk paste with three Habs to be sure I had enough heat in the burgers. I made up one plain burger for the bride and then mixed up my jerk paste in the remaining meat for the jerk burgers. 

 photo DSC03177.jpg

 photo DSC03178.jpg

The burgers ready for the grill...I think you can see the peppers in the patties. 

 photo DSC03179.jpg

I started with four of the cornbread griddle cakes. 

 photo DSC03182.jpg

Next up were both the jerk and standard burgers. 

 photo DSC03183.jpg

Then I did a couple more griddle cakes just after the burgers to see if they would pick up some of the jerk flavor from the burger cook. (They did)

 photo DSC03185.jpg

Next were the onions and slab potatoes. 

 photo DSC03187.jpg

Finished up with the pineapple slices. 

 photo DSC03188.jpg

 photo DSC03189.jpg

 photo DSC03190.jpg

The results of my cook.

For my lunch, I started with a cornbread griddle cake, added some lettuce, a jerk burger,  next on was a pineapple slice, a few rings of the grilled onions, some of my very hot jerk sauce, some grilled pepper strips and then I sprinkled on some chopped up green  onions. 

 photo DSC03191.jpg

 photo DSC03192.jpg

I completed the meal with one of the slab potatoes and a couple slices of garden tomatoes.

Sure made a nice lunch.

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