Friday, September 11, 2015

Tex-Mex Meatloaf / Cobb Grill

I am still playing around with the BBQ Pit Boys recipe for this treat. This cook was done on the Cobb Grill. 

 photo DSC03193.jpg

For this attempt, I used about 2 lbs of beef burger along with about 9 oz of beef Chorizo sausage. I also doubled most of the spices and cut back on the crushed corn chips. Used the same amount of refried beans and the tomatoes with green chilies. I also added about a 1/3 cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese to the mix and added some taco sauce to the top of the meat.

The baking potatoes were rubbed with peanut oil and then sprinkled with salt and pepper. 

 photo DSC03195.jpg

The Cobb Grill was loaded up with 11 Stubbb’s charcoal briquets and then I added a couple small pieces of hickory for the smoke wood. As soon as the grill was on temp, I loaded the meatloaf and the baking potatoes. 

 photo DSC03197.jpg

Sure filled up the little grill.

 photo DSC03196.jpg

The meatloaf and potatoes took about 75 minutes to get done.

 photo DSC03198.jpg

The results of the cook.

 photo DSC03200.jpg

Had some fire left and rather than waste it, Mommy wanted some hot dogs and sausage grilled. 

 photo DSC03199.jpg

The meatloaf came out a little crumbly again. I guess I will need to go to 2 eggs for this treat. The spice combination is still not seems to be missing something. 

 photo DSC03202.jpg

 photo DSC03203.jpg

Served with the remaining refried beans, hot salsa, and a garlic bun and also some garden veggies. Even though I still haven’t got this dish to suit me, it still makes a wonderful meal.

 Back to the drawing board.....

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