Saturday, November 7, 2015

Cheese Steak on the Cobb Grill

This cook was done in my little Cobb Grill in my “wildly overpriced frying wok accessory.” 

 photo DSC03249.jpg

I started with two nice ribeye steaks and then trimmed some of the excess fat off of them. I then placed them in the freezer for about 30 minutes to firm them up so I could slice them very thin for the sandwiches. 

 photo DSC03250.jpg

 photo DSC03251.jpg

I cut up some green bell pepper, some roasted peppers, and one small chipotle pepper, and also opened a small can of mushrooms for my treat. I also sliced up a couple of onions. I then got my steaks from the freezer and sliced them nice and thin for the sandwiches.  

 photo DSC03252.jpg

Got it all ready for the cooker by buttering up my hoagie buns and I also got some provolone cheese out for the sandwiches.

 photo DSC03253.jpg

Fired the Cobb up with some lump and after it got hot, I toasted up my buns. 

 photo DSC03254.jpg

 photo DSC03255.jpg

Caramelized my onions.

 photo DSC03256.jpg

Cooked up the peppers.

 photo DSC03258.jpg

Heated up the mushrooms.

 photo DSC03259.jpg

 photo DSC03260.jpg

Cooked the steak.

 photo DSC03262.jpg

Put it all together.

 photo DSC03263.jpg

 photo DSC03264.jpg

Added the cheese and got it all ready for the hoagie buns.

 photo DSC03265.jpg

 photo DSC03266.jpg

Made up two nice sized sandwiches and cut them into thirds for serving. 

 photo DSC03268.jpg

 photo DSC03269.jpg

Added some horsey sauce to mine. Made a fine supper.

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