Saturday, November 7, 2015

Interesting New Red Box Smoker

Mark Lambert (Sweet Swine O' Mine) introduced this new Red Box Smoker at the Jack Daniels contest last weekend and it looks like a pretty good value.

 photo Swine Cooker.jpg

The cooker is insulated, reverse flow, double walled, and has a Stainless steel cooking chamber among it's many features. It's a smaller smoker and looks about the size of the older Backwoods Patio cooker. It is listed to cook a couple of pork butts, or a couple of brisket flats, or about 4 slabs of baby back ribs. Website shows it will cook for about 6-10 hours on 3-5 pounds of charcoal.

The cooker is listed for $397.00 and is light enough to ship UPS for about $60-100 dollars to many places in the country.

Seems to me that a box cooker shipped to your door for under $500 dollars with all these features would be a good value. It is made in China but what isn't now days?

The website is here:

I am not affiliated is any way with this company but just came across the info and find it interesting. I just don't know if Jan would boot me out of my happy home if I were to order another cooker!

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