Saturday, November 7, 2015

Roadside Rotisserie Chicken

This cook was done on my Weber Jumbo Joe with a rotisserie setup. I thought I had a four hour window from some rain and weather but as usual, it didn’t work out that way.

 photo DSC03226.jpg

I trimmed and trussed the 5.88 lb chicken and then sprinkled on a light coat of rub. I then placed the chicken on the spit rod and got it ready for the grill.

 photo DSC03227.jpg

I fired up about a half Weber chimney of Stubb’s briquets and poured them into the grill and loaded the spit and got it turning. I also covered the spit motor with a Zip-Lock bag as it sure looked like we could get some rain.

 photo DSC03228.jpg

The rain did come about 30 minutes into the cook but it was only a light sprinkle. 

 photo DSC03229.jpg

After my rub setup on the chicken, I started basting the chicken with the Roadside Chicken Sauce.

 photo DSC03230.jpg

Continued the mopping at 10 minutes intervals until the chicken was done.

 photo DSC03231.jpg

 photo DSC03232.jpg

Cut the chicken up and plated it for serving. As always with the rotisserie setup, the chicken came out juicy and made a nice lunch.

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