Saturday, November 7, 2015

Memphis Style Stuffed Ribs

I have been wanting to try this on my Cobb Grill for several months and finally got around to doing it. 

 photo DSC03233.jpg

First up was some corn muffins as I needed some crushed up for my stuffing. 

 photo DSC03234.jpg

Next up was the rib stuffing. I used about a cup of finely chopped celery, a cup of finely chopped onion, a cup of crushed up corn bread, a pound of sausage, and some spices. 

 photo DSC03235.jpg

Everything was cooked in advance for the stuffing.

 photo DSC03236.jpg

Loaded the Cobb with some lump charcoal and will carry it out to my cooking table.

 photo DSC03237.jpg

Trimmed and skinned the ribs and added the rub.

 photo DSC03238.jpg

Rolled and pinned the ribs.

 photo DSC03239.jpg

Loaded the ribs about an hour before daylight. 

 photo DSC03241.jpg

Since the bride wanted Memphis style, all I did after loaded them up was to spray some apple juice on them a few times during the cook.

As soon as they were getting close to done, I added the stuffing. 

 photo DSC03243.jpg

My stuffed ribs just off the little cooker. 

 photo DSC03244.jpg

 photo DSC03245.jpg

Plated up for serving.

 photo DSC03246.jpg

 photo DSC03247.jpg

As served. I have forgotten just how good plain ribs are...was a great lunch.

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