Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grate Steaks

Four or five times a year, our local Kroger store will have a bargain that I can't pass up. It might be spare ribs, maybe round steak or chuck steak, or even whole chickens. A few day ago, they had a sale on their USDA Whole Boneless Choice Ribeye loin for just $4.97 a pound. With hamburger running about $3.39 a pound, this is a bargain in comparison! This meat normally sells for about $10.00 a pound cut into steaks.

I purchased two of the whole loins with a combined weight of 34.24 pounds with a total price of $342.06 for a sale price of $170.18. Heck of a deal...half price for great meat.

The ticket on one of the whole loins.

I usually start by cutting off the tail as I use it in sausage and then cut a roast off of each end of the loin and slice the balance up into about 1-1/4" thick steaks. However, we were also out of what I call "State Fair" steaks so I cut what meat I would use for the roasts into my 1/2" thick State Fair sandwich steaks.

I like to grill the State Fair steaks about 75 seconds a side over a very hot lump charcoal fire and then place them into a half pan filled with some hot Lipton Onion soup. Serve them right out of the pan on a good bun. Good Stuff!!

More steaks ready for the shrink wrap.

They all didn't make it to the freezer...now that's a nice steak.

Ready to freeze for future use.


  1. We do the same thing with Krogers and have been satisified with the meat we get. Like you said it's too good to pass up. Last year, I bought several rib eyes and smoked them for Christmas for customers.

  2. I love when my wife surprises me with a treat like this. I cut, she wraps. Ribeye is my favorite but sometimes it's tenderloin or strip loin.

    I don't think our Kroger had the same deal locally but 4.97/lb is a FANTASTIC price.