Sunday, August 14, 2016

Rotisserie Turkey Breast / Cobb Grill

My 6-1/2 pound turkey breast was injected with 4oz on each side of the breast with Shake’s Honey brine and then it went into a one gallon Zip-Lock bag and I poured a full bottle of Wishbone Robusto salad dressing over the top and into the fridge for an overnight stay to allow it to both brine and marinate at the same time. 

 photo DSC03651.jpg

I turned it over a few times during this period and it came out ready for the cook. 

 photo DSC03653.jpg

Got it mounted into my rotisserie and then just turned the motor on and sprinkled on my rub as it turned and it was now ready to be carried out to the warmed up grill and start the cook.

 photo DSC03654.jpg

 photo DSC03657.jpg

I made up a couple of hickory chips foil packs and started the cook with one of these packets on top of my fire for smoke. I also had to use my balance weight to balance up the rotisserie for this cook. 

 photo DSC03661.jpg

The breast was mopped twice with the Roadside Chicken Sauce during the cook and the total time for the breast was about 2-1/4 hours to an internal of about 160 degrees. 

 photo DSC03662.jpg

Looked good coming off of the little cooker. I foiled it and let it rest about 45 minutes and then cut it up for serving.

 photo DSC03663.jpg

Made a nice plate of meat. 

 photo DSC03664.jpg

Mommy wanted a Turkey Manhattan for the first meal with this treat.

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