Sunday, August 14, 2016

Slow 'N Sear Country Ribs and more

Purchased the Slow ‘N Sear a few months back and just got around to trying it out on my Gen 2 Weber Performer along with some country style ribs, brats, and pork burgers.

 photo DSC03605.jpg

The two country style ribs on the left are cut off of the upper portion of the shoulder or pork butt and in my world, are really not country ribs at all. The six remaining real country ribs which are cut out of the back or loin are what I have cooked for over 50 years when I can find them. Both are pretty good but must be cooked quite differently.

I took the ribs out of the cold fridge and rubbed them up with some SGH rub and left them on the counter to come up to the sweat stage.

I followed the instructions on the Slow ‘N Sear and started about 6-7 briquets in the corner of the unit. After they had ashed over, I poured in about 2/3rd of a Weber chimney full of briquets and let it go with all vents open.

 photo DSC03606.jpg

By now my ribs were ready and up to a sweat.

 photo DSC03607.jpg

Placed the ribs on the kettle with the two larger butt cut ribs closer to the fire as they will take longer to get done. I also add two big chunks of hickory to the fire as I needed much smoke in not much time for the loin cut ribs. Got the cooker dialed in at about 285-300 degrees and cooked the loin cut ribs for about 30 minutes and then sauced them with the new Heinz Memphis Sweet and Spicy sauce. At about 45 minutes into the cook I had an internal on the loin cut ribs of about 140-145 and I took them off as they are done.

 photo DSC03609.jpg

Let the butt cut ribs go about an hour longer and I wrapped them with some goodies. I also added my Grill Grates to the kettle at this time. Upped the temp on the cooker for some indirect grilling.

 photo DSC03611.jpg

I added a package of Brats along with a couple of fresh cut hot Hungarian yellow wax peppers out of the garden to the back side of the Grill Grates. The Brats cooked quickly and I checked my butt cut ribs and found them at 200 internal so they all came off the cooker together.

 photo DSC03612.jpg

Next up was five of my Pork Burgers and I placed them on the Performer.

 photo DSC03614.jpg

I also opened up the vents all the way to increase the temp for the burgers.

 photo DSC03616.jpg

 photo DSC03615.jpg

The results of my first cook with the Slow ‘N Sear looked great. I found it very easy to use and it sure controls the kettle very well. I do like it and think it’s a great addition or accessory for the Weber kettle.

 photo DSC03617.jpg

 photo DSC03620.jpg

 photo DSC03621.jpg

For an “off the shelf sauce”, I thought that the Heinz Memphis was pretty good. I think mixing it with some Tennessee Red would really make it great.

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